Airless Packaging News

Chrome spray effect on packaging bottles & jars
SR Packaging
The chrome spray effect is now achievable by adding a thin layer of spray coat on plastic packaging bottles and jars. It is the special ink used during the spray coating process that works the magic, perfectly catches consumer’s attention.
Elemis chooses Premi's glass Airglass
Elemis, the world-leading British brand for skincare products and luxury spa treatments, has chosen Premi for the launch of the new anti-wrinkle smoothing serum. The philosophy of the English company has always been to offer products that are the right combination of nature and research, offering innovative and specific treatments for each type of skin.
Trista airless
Requests for airless have been steadily growing. Hearing customers' voices and requirements for airless packaging, GCC PKG's new airless bottle range, Trista, is available in 6 capacities in a fully recyclable PP bottle that works with all types of formulation viscosities.
The new wave of airless design
APackaging Group

During any travel, these bottles will prevent any doubt of leakage. The twist lock bottle comes in various sizes and colors. Airless packaging is great for lotions, face creams and serums.

Funky, family-friendly airless animal bottles
Neville and More

UK company Neville and More remains true to its core by providing high quality, appealing, innovative products with the Animal Airless Range. The line consists of the Funky & Friendly Brown Bears, Pink Pigs, Green Frogs and Grey Hippos and is currently available in 50ml, 100ml, 150ml and 200ml sizes.

Stylish dispenser is ‘Pur’ genius
Berry Bramlage
The RPC Bramlage Division is extending its range of Magic airless dispensers with the introduction of a new design. the top-filled Magic Pur dispenser combines an elegant and modern appearance on-shelf with user-friendly operation, delivering an accurate 1ml of product each time.
Glasel’s airless compacts
ENIF is the square airless compact that has been newly added to Glasel Packaging Collections. Round airless compacts are also available.
Viblok selects Albéa's airless
CLJI Worldwide has selected Albéa's D.N.Airless for its new product Viblok. An international reference for advanced skin care applications, the 100% neutral NEA engine is particularly adapted to Viblock’s highly-technical formula.
New: Twisting applicator for Sof’Bag by Nemera

The dermal application of potent gel or cream drugs can be problematic when rubbing is done with the hands. With Nemera’s integrated twisting applicator a dose of formulation is released in a cup and can then be applied and rubbed with a soft touch applicator on the targeted area. Hand contact with the drug is then avoided.

Packaging products suitable for pharmacy shelves
Polpak Packaging

It's been a good few years since pharmacies opened up to products that are not strictly medicines, offering their shelf space to all types of supplements and other health-related products. The cosmeceuticals and parapharmaceuticals market has seen years of dynamic growth and the presence of such products in pharmacies has been known to increase the consumers' trust and add credibility to their brands.