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Airless Packaging News

Sustainable Product Packaging Solutions: Partnering with Asquan
Asquan Group
Asquan specializes in sustainable packaging solutions, offering refillable options like airless jars, bottles, compacts, and lipsticks to reduce waste and enhance product longevity. With expertise in design and sourcing, Asquan collaborates closely to maintain brand identity while meeting eco-friendly goals.
Refillable Cosmetic Packaging
UKPACK Packaging

UKPACK is your trusted refillable cosmetic packaging supplier in China. Our range includes customizable airless bottles, lotion bottles, and cosmetic jars, and more. All types are available in various capacities, materials, colors, and surface finishes according to your preferences.

The Refillable Airless Pump: SNAP by Toly!
The Refillable Airless Pump: SNAP by Toly! The packs uses a metal-free pump and a simple clean design. The airless pump set is an environmentally friendly choice as it is molded using PP and small PE components.
Mini Marvels: APC Packaging's Portable Solutions
APC Packaging offers ready-to-ship travel-sized versions of popular packaging solutions from their Florida warehouse, ideal for travel and promotions. These convenient mini packs cater to customer preferences for portable personal care products, aiding brand trials and boosting potential sales of full-sized items.
World's 3D Promo: Infinity Airless Treatment Pump Bottle

The 15ml Infinity Airless Treatment Pump Bottle is manufactured with 100% PE plastic, making it easy to recycle after use without disassembly. The mono-material bottle is ideal for moisturizers, gels, cleansers, sunscreen, and other high-viscosity skincare products.

The Bulge Jumbo Airless
Yonwoo/PKG Group's Bulge Jumbo series: Airless skincare packaging available with a variety of pump options for a customized look. The Bulge Jumbo ensures consistent formulation discharge from beginning to end, and handles high viscosity formulations effortlessly.
Short lead times and no MOQs. We're ready-to-go!

EPOPACK's Ready-to-Go Program is ideal for brands that want luxury style packaging that is also sustainable. Discover premium-looking PET heavy wall packaging with no MOQ's and shorter lead times so you can get your product on the shelf faster!

Next-Level Packaging: The Clinique Pep-Start Package

At Lombardi Design and Manufacturing, we are proud to re-introduce the iconic Clinique Pep-Start package. This project demonstrates our commitment to pushing the boundaries of packaging design. This award-winning package superseded industry standards, demonstrating how advanced manufacturing can enhance both functionality and aesthetics.

Airless Cosmetic Pen with Brush Applicator
Taesung's range of cosmetic packaging is professional and versatile, incorporating the market's latest packaging technologies to enhance your product. See the TAP-038B, an airless cosmetic pen fit with a brush applicator, as a high-end packaging solution and tool for make-up users. 
Turn Over a New Leaf with Molpack's Most Sustainable Solutions
Molpack is leading the way in sustainable packaging with solutions like the M3R Monomaterial Airless and the Ergonomic Oval Tottles, both made with recyclable and recycled materials. The company's latest offerings, including mono-material droppers and the M3R Jar, emphasize eco-friendliness and reduced carbon footprints while maintaining high quality and functionality.
Neopac Announces New Cosmetics Tube Line in US Facility, and launches Polyfoil® Sensation

Neopac is introducing a new cosmetics tube line at its Wilson, NC plant. The state-of-the-art tube line boasts enhanced capacity and capabilities, enabling it to produce an additional 70 million tubes per year, ranging in size from 25-40mm in diameter and 15-150ml in volume. The investment will feature full tube body colorations and seven-color offset printing capabilities, with options for matte, silk, and glossy lacquers. Installation is set to commence in June 2024, with production slated to begin in August 2024.

Berry Global Expands Production of Magic SL to North America
Berry Global

To help meet the growing need for sustainable beauty and innovative personal care packaging in North America, Berry Global has expanded the production of its iconic Magic SL (Slim) Light piston-follower airless system to its factory in Libertyville, Illinois. This expansion will provide Berry’s beauty and personal care customers with access to a locally sourced dispensing solution that supports product usability, aesthetics, and convenience for moisturizers, serums, and facial skin care products.

Airless Packaging Brings Practicality, Elegance and Quality
Airless packaging brings practicality, elegance and quality, protecting the integrity of your product. BlueSky offers airless pump bottles in various styles in sizes ranging from 30ml to 250ml. The focus of this packaging is simple: to protect and present your formulations impeccably.