Airless Packaging News

TOGA - Glass Refillable Airless
Toga is Toly's Refillable airless glass dispenser, an elegant and practical pack that is designed with the environment in mind, yet not compromising on premium luxury packaging.
Bona's latest airless pump for effective drug delivery
Bona Pharma
BONA highlights the features of an airless pump which was first developed for one of the company's key clients on the China mainland. It is crafted with an integrated 3g capacity bottle and actuator design and features a simple snap-on closure that facilitates a stylish finish and easy filling and assembly.
Lumson’s XPaper wins the 2021 ADI Design Index Award for Innovation
Lumson - Italy

Lumson’s paper airless dispenser, judged one of the most innovative design products, was added to the 2021 ADI Design Index and won the Innovation Award. A recognition with the additional advantage of placing it among the candidates for the “Award of Awards”, the National Innovation Award instituted by the Italian Prime Minister’s Office and among the products ADI named for the next Compasso d’Oro.

Precise airless pumps: Macro range
Bluesky Solutions

For high viscosity personal care formulations, BLUESKY recommends its Macro range of airless pumps. Offering a precise dosage, the Macro range provides targeted application with 360º dispensing. The range is available in a wide range of sizes and actuator shapes.

Meet the Updated Sustainable Paper Point Neck Airless
The new Paper Point Neck Airless Bottle from Yonwoo/PKG uses up to 44% less plastic compared to the existing model. The outer paper bottle replaces additional plastic, while giving the product an environmentally friendly look that appeals to the growing number of eco-conscious consumers.