Airless Packaging News

Seeing Double: UKPack's Double Tube Airless Bottle
UKPACK Packaging

UKPack’s Double Tube Airless Bottle is comprised of two 15ml compartments standing side by side. Each inner bottle connects to an all-plastic pump in order to prevent any formula reaction with metal. The pumps exquisite structural design provides users with a reliable and accurate dosing of 0.23ml from each of the chambers, making the pack ideal for skin treatments.

Let’s Talk About Tubes!

Yonwoo/PKG is excited to share its updated, fully searchable, tube catalog launch featuring everything from basic screwcap to airless applicator tubes! The new catalog offers over 150 different options of stock basic, oval/square, applicator, and specialty function tubes available with airless pumps, screwcaps, and flip-top closures.

Refillable Air Cover Compacts for Liquid and Powders

FS Korea has created the Refillable Air Cover Compact, a hygienic and effective solution for liquid and powdered cosmetics products. Incorporated into the pack is a handy brush applicator, which makes more efficient use of space in make-up bags. The brush is embedded into the pack using an innovative slide-in mechanism, protecting the brush from outside contamination.

Glass Airless Pouch Dispenser
Premium Pack Ltd.

Premium Pack’s Glass Airless Pouch Dispenser presents brands with a unique opportunity for a sophisticated, affordable, and sustainable airless dispensing system. The pack consists of a pouch blown into a weighted glass bottle, giving you a classic high-quality feel combined with modern airless technology. By using glass, Premium Pack has been able to achieve a sustainable and precious result ideal for eco-conscious cosmetic brands.

The Award-Winning 100% PP Mono Airless Range

Taesung’s award-winning 100% PP Mono Airless range is reliable, eco-friendly and versatile, coming in 6 sizes ranging from 30ml to 120ml, in 3 different styles. The range is the world's first PP mono-material airless to pass the 600mmHg leakage test and to dispense a 0.5cc dosage.

Easy Recycling. Easy Refilling. Easy Airless.
Asquan Group
Redefining “easy” has never been…well, easier…until now. True to its name, Asquan's Easy Airless delivers the sought-after airless pump experience with an almost impossibly simple disassembly AND refillable structure that can also be made in PCR materials.
Custom BB Air Cushion Compacts
MayPak Packaging

The MP11108 is a custom piece found in the collection of air cushion compacts that features many benefits from eco-friendly material choices to smart packaging functions such as leak-proof casing and waterproof fog mirrors.

Airless Pump Bottles
At BlueSky we supply airless pump packaging, ideal for a range of applications for skincare, hair care and styling, personal care, beauty, topical health care and pharmaceutical products. You can communicate luxury with airless packaging and there’s a wide choice of sizes, pumps and finishes to choose from.
Meet the Aqua Packaging Collection
Bakic Group

Bakic's Aqua skincare line comes in a uniquely and expressive color hue with a soft-touch effect that creates a modern and expressive monochromatic look and captivates with its timeless and elegant shape.

Airless Bottle Series: Inspired by Birds

KKP has deliberately abandoned the straight lines and used a full-curvature surface design to create an attractive natural form pump head resembling a beautiful tropical bird. The protruding nozzle, while being inspired by nature, allows for clean dispensing making the pump perfect for personal care and beauty products.