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VersaPlast® Trigger Sprayer meets the highest criteria outlined in the APR Design® Guide for Plastics Recyclability
Exciting news just in time for National Cleaning Week! Silgan Dispensing has received formal recognition from the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) for our commitment to recyclability. VersaPlast® meets the highest criteria outlined in the APR Design® Guide for Plastics Recyclability, reducing our carbon footprint and advancing sustainability.
89mm CT closures available for quick shipment
MRP Solutions

When you need a large diameter closure ideal for nutraceutical, food, personal care, automotive, and home care applications, look no further than MRP Solutions. The 89mm RX and 89mm SX Continuous Thread Closures can help to differentiate products with custom colors and decorating options, while offering maximum value.

Foam Pumps With Brush Attachment
The unique air-and liquid mixing system used within Tirrit's foaming pumps gently dispenses your product into the rich foam that consumers expect. The range consists of many different closure sizes and actuator designs. Add extra value to your pack with the ST5016, by choosing a brush head applicator to be used in combination with your foam, doubling up on the effect of the overall product on the chosen area. 
PKP's Industrial Trigger Sprayers Get the Job Done
PKP's expertise in dispensing solution manufacturing allows the company to deliver both insutrual and consumer trigger sprayers. The company's industrial range offers a series of benefits, including: durability, spraying volume and pressure, chemical resistance, and special nozzle designs.
Custom Injection Molding Basics & Contracting Service
APG is a cutting-edge supplier of cosmetic injection molded bottles offering a wide variety of materials, styles, and designs that can be customized to fit your individual product. Injection molding is a production method used to mass-produce plastic parts and products in large volumes. It involves injecting hot, liquid thermoplastic into a mold cavity under high pressure; once there, it cools down and solidifies to take the shape of its mold cavity.
Manufacturing Q&A: with Myerson Solicitors and Enviro-Cap

CEO Mark Blaney gives an exclusive interview with Myerson an award-winning, ‘Top Tier’ Legal 500-rated law firm, providing expert commercial and private services to businesses and individuals nationwide and beyond. Mark Blaney talks technical advancements, AI, sustainable initiatives, supply chain hurdles and more in the 10-question interview.

Happy Recycle Week with Metal Packaging Solutions
Happy Recycle Week from Roberts Metal Packaging, a specialist UK based manufacturer of metal containers, caps and lids which can be recycled easily. Metal is a permanently available resource that doesn’t deplete over any timescale. Because it never loses its molecular properties, it can be recycled and reused indefinitely.
How Berry Global is Advancing the Circular Economy
Berry Global
Consumers are rightfully demanding change and looking to brands they trust to help eliminate plastic waste. And those brands look to us to help them keep resources in use and out of our environment. To help customers meet the growing sustainability demands of today and tomorrow, we design and develop new products and materials that advance our pathway to circularity by increasing the use of recycled content, minimizing waste, and improving recyclability.
The new NevilleandMore.com is coming soon!
Neville and More

The new NevilleandMore.com will deliver a greatly improved online experience while maintaining the same personalised solutions and exceptional customer service you have come to expect from us: More products, improved browsing, and new capabilities!

All Plastic Trigger Sprayer: For a wide range of applications
Sun-Rain's All Plastic Trigger Sprayer is versatile, recyclable and available in PCR options. With no metal material used in its construction, formulations are safe from metal contamination that causes unwanted reactions. This also means the pack is easier to recycle and reuse.
TricorBraun Scores 9 Wins at the 2023 NACD Awards
The annual NACD Packaging Awards are a renowned industry competition featuring the top packages in North America and Canada. TricorBraun has consistently been a top NACD award-winner, earning recognition for packages that showcase the best of what it does for its customers!