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UniPak pails work a treat for new snacks from Nordthy
Berry Superfos
Nordthy in Denmark develops and distributes a wide selection of snacks, nuts, biscuits, cakes and confectionary. Now, in collaboration with Berry Superfos, Nordthy has a new packaging solution for its expanding range of tasty snacks – pails in bright colours that are ideal for reuse at home.
ALPLA acquires packaging manufacturer Wolf Plastics
The ALPLA Group is purchasing the Wolf Plastics Group to expand its product portfolio and sees growth potential in Central and South-Eastern Europe. In acquiring all the shares in the packaging manufacturer Wolf Plastics Group based in Kammern, Austria, ALPLA intends to use the company’s expertise, in particular in the manufacture of plastic buckets and canisters, to expand its product portfolio.
We develop your wet wipes dispenser to measure

Are you looking for packaging for wet wipes, hygiene products or cosmetics? AT IIC AG, we are your supplier for your bespoke packaging! IIC can offer wet wipe packaging in round, square, rectangular or oval packs, manufactured in PP, PET/rPET.

Recycled material is worth its salt
Berry Superfos
A winter scenery in Switzerland looks like something from a fairy tale, but the reality is that Swiss roads must always be accessible. De-icing salt from Schweizer Salinen makes it happen, and now, in support of sustainability, the salt comes in a SuperCube pail made with 30% PCR content (post-consumer recycled). The reusable pail is developed and produced by Berry Superfos.
What is hybrid food packaging?
IIC's hybrid packaging (also called desto packaging) offers the possibility to reduce the plastic content by up to 80% and still guarantee the usual characteristics. The combination of two components offers countless possibilities for the food industry.
Packaging for the Planet 2021 Conference
Webpac is proud to announce the launch of the Packaging for the Planet conference online in June 2021. The Packaging for the Planet 2021 Conference is the world’s first dedicated virtual event where brands and packaging suppliers come together to learn, network and collaborate for the good of the planet.
Tips for Procuring Wipes Packaging
Raptor Packaging

Unlike less costly packaging components like caps and sprayers, your dollar liability with wipes packaging is substantial, often millions of dollars. So how can you protect yourself from the risk of bringing wipes in from oversees?

The Wipes Market and What to Look Out For
Raptor Packaging
As we enter month seven of the current pandemic the sanitizer gels and liquids seem to be leveling off and with it some of the hysteria. With that, the packaging, fillers, and distribution channels have also settled down to some sense of normalcy. The emerging need that has hit today’s consumer and thus all of us in the supply chain is the national shortage of wipes. Like many other products in the market, all wipes are not created equally. What the ingredients are, what claims are made on the label, and how the wipe is being marketed will determine which regulatory arm of the government is involved and what approvals are required.
IIC's Percy Pig pack proves popular

IIC Packaging has produced the delightful new ice-cream bucket for Percy Pig, contributing to the high success of the line. The brief was to develop a weight-reduced bucket with high transparency in order to highlight the finer points of the new “Percy-Pig” ice cream.

Pails shape up
Berry Superfos

Italian company Carioca SpA has chosen Superfos, a company of Berry Global, for their ability to provide different-shaped and sustainable pack solutions. Carioca saw an opportunity to step up its offering by changing the shape of the packaging for 48 Jumbo felt-tip pens from a round container to a square UniPak pail from Superfos’s standard range.

Top-quality PCR pails provide sustainable solutions
Berry Superfos
RPC Superfos has introduced a number of initiatives to further enhance its packaging solutions incorporating post-consumer recycled (PCR) polypropylene. The company has worked with recycled materials for over 10 years and today offers a range of PCR pails in many shapes and sizes.