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MJS Packaging warehouse in Livonia, MI offers great stock options
MJS Packaging
Since MJS Packaging’s company origin in 1885, a focus has been placed on dependably providing quality packaging products. Our top commitment is to our customers; providing versatile products and complete packaging solutions that tap into consumer appeal. It’s because of this continued commitment to customer service that MJS Packaging customers know they can count on us for an innovative and diverse selection of products.
Pails aid upward growth of vines
The SuperCube® pail from RPC Superfos is at the centre of a growing success story after being chosen to pack 100% biodegradable vineyard clips that ensure the vertical growth of vines. Since Compagnie des Agrafes selected the SuperCube® for its special clips, both product and pack have attracted rave reviews and the clips have enjoyed an upward curve in sales.
Say “Helios” to plastic pails

RPC Superfos is supplying the plastic cans for interior wall paint and façade paint from Slovenian producer Helios. The company selected the SuperOval pail from RPC Superfos because of its user-friendliness, light weight, and sustainability. Spektra® Classic Plus is now sold in three sizes – 5.5, 12 and 18 litres – of the SuperOval pail.

Bucket paints a pretty picture
A bespoke pack from RPC Superfos is delivering improved functionality and on-shelf presence for one of Israel’s leading paint companies. The new design for Nirlat retains the appearance of the company’s previous container while providing greater functionality and shelf presence.
Jokey at Interpack 2017
The Jokey Group

Jokey Group, one of the world leading manufacturers of plastic packaging, is presenting an expanded range of products with a focus on packaging design and sustainability at this year’s interpack.

New look for RPC Superfos' user-friendly bucket
Plastic buckets from RPC Superfos are taking on a new look as part of a striking relaunch from leading Irish paint manufacturer Colourtrend. The new designs for the company’s decorative paint range are inspired by the Irish landscape and use 10L injection-moulded S-range polypropylene containers from RPC Superfos.