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Premium Jars Offer Sustainable Beauty
Berry Bramlage
Berry Bramlage is launching a range of premium jars that enable cosmetic and beauty products to create a strong on-shelf presence and brand image while meeting consumer demands for more sustainable packaging. "At Berry, our commitment to sustainability informs the design and development of all our packaging solutions," comments Delphine Roux, Strategic Marketing Manager, Berry Bramlage.
Toly's T15 Airless Jar

With the beauty world following more stringent hygienic regimens, Toly prides itself in it's vast packaging solutions catering for these new requirements that helps prevent finger contamination.

Onwards and upwards: follow Regula Jar’s sustainable path
When it comes to sustainability, being in the comfort zone is never an option. Even a best-seller must be revisited to make it the best product it can be! Made in Europe by Louvrette, a Quadpack Company, Regula Jar is a perfect example of how the pursuit of eco-conscious packaging can never stop.
Helping to feed the Nation during COVID-19
Robinson Packaging

A message from CEO Helene Roberts about how Robinson's collaboration is essential. Robinson-produced soup and sauce pots, bowls, and ready meal containers play a vital role in keeping us all fed during this troubled time. Our UK and Polish plastics businesses are considered as Key Industries within the Food and Drink sector, critical for ensuring that our nations have access to food and people are being fed.

Need a refill? Minjin presents elegant beauty options
Minjin is already an expert in dispensers and pumps, but now they’ve created the revolutionary MJ6 series of refill containers encased in elegance. Perfect for creams, serums, and essences, these sleek and stylish containers can be used again and again
High-volume Filling - KBL Cosmetics an Industry Leader
KBL Cosmetics

Our facility and equipment allow for high-volume filling of a multitude of product in tubes, bottles, jars and pots, airless pumps, regular and slim-sized lipstick cases, and so much more. KBL Cosmetics is an industry leader in Contract Manufacturing and Private Label for personal care/cosmetic items.

21M Series enhanced with 30ml jar option

Mitra has just added a luxury thick-walled jar in 30ml to complement its 50ml big “sister” jar in the 21M series. The jars have an acrylic body with a reduced thickness of the thick outer wall.

COPCO's new skincare package collection

A new collection has been introduced into COPCO's skincare package family. It includes 4 components produced in PET: 160ml for toner, 130ml for lotion, 40ml for essence / serum / eye cream, and a 50g jar for cream products.