Jars Packaging News

Custom Plastic Packaging at Robinson
Robinson Packaging

Need something custom made? The majority of Robinson's packaging solutions are custom made. No matter how specialised the requirement, we are known for getting things done. See custom packaging examples including carpet cleaners, actuators combined with overcaps, air fresheners and foldable hooks for toilet cleaners.

Frosted Glass Packaging: Elegant Pink and Amber
Premium Pack Ltd.
Premium Pack offers glass packaging in various styles and finishes, making your brand more distinguished on the shelves. Frosted glass packs are available in full or gradient colors to create a sophisticated look, such as elegant misty pink or amber. The range includes jars, and bottles that can be paired with pumps, droppers and caps which are available in aluminum, plastic and PCR:
ECOLuxe Collection 100% PP Mono-material Smart Packaging
WWP Beauty

Elevated sustainability collection of stylish and eco-smart packaging designs are ideal for skin and hair care products. For over 40 years, WWP Beauty has collaborated with the industry´s leading brands for exceptional agility and unparalleled scale packaging solutions.

BlueSky's New Website Goes Live

BlueSky is happy to announce the launch of its new website, blueskysolutionsuk.com, following a successful rebrand in 2022. As part of the rebrand, BlueSky has seen major investments into facilities, expanding its manufacturing capabilities, as well as a sleek new website.  The site features a new striking layout with improved user-friendly navigation. You can find BlueSky’s latest products and innovations, whether you are searching by product type, product material or even by market sector.

Aluminium Packaging for Cosmetics and Personal Care
Roberts Metal Packaging offers a wide range of stylish aluminium packaging for cosmetics, toiletries and other bathroom essentials, including pre-threaded screw caps for bottles and jars, small containers (ideal for creams, balms, putties and gels) and pressed powder godets for colour cosmetics.
Elevate Your Brand with EPOPACK's Heavy Wall PET Jars

EPOPACK's heavy wall PET jars provide a unique experience that you have to see and feel to believe. With its weight and thickness, it creates a sense of luxury and high-quality. Plus, the deep space for decoration allows for a truly stunning design.

Toly's Powder Queen
Powder Queen is Toly's patented consumer-driven product innovation, identifying and delivering a cleaner and more efficient loose powder dispensing solution. The Powder Queen stores and dispenses loose powder formulations in a more controlled manner when using a brush. In addition, it reduces the mess generated during transit and keeps the formula fresh and intact.
Good things come in small packages
Miniature-sized products have always fascinated beauty consumers. Convenient, affordable and cute, there is often one thing missing: sustainability. Quadpack resolves this with Regula Petit Jar, a fully recyclable pack available in two practical capacities.
Focused on Aluminum Packaging
Condensa is focused on introducing aluminum packaging to the nutraceutical market as aluminum provides excellent protection against light and moisture and is lightweight