Jars Packaging News

Luxury Glass Bottles and Jars from Rayuen
Rayuen Packaging
Rayuen Packaging has the solution for personal care and beauty brands looking for a luxury pack. The company is releasing new thick-walled bottles and jars that give products a feeling of indulgence during their skin care routine.
COPCO’s recyclable PP jars
COPCO Packaging

COPCO is launching a collection of plastic jars which are made of recyclable materials. With a classic round shape and nice design, they are an excellent choice for brands that are looking for eco-friendly cream jars.

An innovative yogurt tub for Yoplait
Yoplait is one of the worlds most famous international yoghurt brands. IIC was tasked to produce particularly robust yoghurt cups that would provide excellent handling while seamlessly integrating the brand design into the outer layer of the product.
Aluminum Shines Brightest at Anomatic’s 3D Booth

Anomatic’s sleek anodized aluminum packaging has to be seen to be fully appreciated. Interested companies are in luck- they can now view Anomatic’s range of aluminum solutions up close and personal without leaving the office.

Custom containers promote uniqueness
Berry Superfos
Sometimes ‘one-size-fits-all’ is not enough. If you want to launch a unique product, you may want to look into a unique packaging solution. RPC Superfos offers you knowledge, experience and advice to create a customised packaging; only for you.
Sulapac® Nordic Collection evolves to embrace water-based formulas

The Sulapac Nordic Collection has been enriched with a 50ml jar designed for water-based formulations. The range, first brought to market by Quadpack in August 2020, comprises 15ml, 30ml and 50ml jars for oil-based and waterless products. The new reference features Sulapac’s new bio-based barrier, to create a fully circular pack for water-based products.

Mini jars offer big benefits
With their petite size, mini jars have made a big impact on the cosmetics industry. They offer a great vessel for a range of different powder, gel and cream formulations.