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Jars Packaging News

Explore TricorBraun's Honey Collection
Explore TricorBraun's selection of honey packaging bottles and jars in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and styles. The collection includes a wide assortment of glass and plastic containers, from classic plastic honey bear bottles and wide-mouth glass jars to uniquely shaped jars and squeeze bottles.
Exquisite Framing and Accents with The Box Skin Care Series
By choosing a square shape for the main bottles, the set fits in a clean formation in bathrooms or dressing tables. In terms of functionality, this shape allows for an extra grip when opening or twisting various components of the pack during use. Find the jar, pump bottle and dropper with an understated ribbon effect connecting the main bottle to the closure. The JKP-60181 has a bold caging around the edges of the pack for an iconic finish.
Nothing Sweeter Than Metal Packaging

When it comes to sweets, choosing metal packaging can help achieve the highly sought-after vintage style and add a high-end boutique feel. In addition to the recyclability factor, the use of metal components has the potential to encourage more reuse of packaging once the product has been used up.  Roberts Metal Packaging offers various metal packs suitable with sweets jars including aluminium screw caps with a rolled or straight edge and its Softline collection.

Explore Top-Tier Healthcare Packaging Solutions at PKG Group

PKG Group has transitioned into the healthcare market with the launch of its new division, meaning the best of Korean Innovative design and speed-to-market solutions are now applicable to healthcare and pharmaceutical markets. See the five benefits of choosing PKG Group as your healthcare packaging partner.

Recyclable, Recycled, and Refillable: Molpack's M3R Jar
Molpack presents its most sustainable jar yet: the M3R, a totally customizable recyclable, recycled, and refillable glass jar. A qualitative packaging solution that aligns with the principles of the circular economy and beauty that the cosmetic sector and Molpack highly respect.
Kraft Souffle Pots Give H-Pack an Industry First
H-Pack Packaging
Europe’s packaging one-stop shop, H-Pack Packaging is adding to its line of white, paper souffle pots with a kraft version. With no other catering disposables supplier offering alternative colour souffle pots, this addition places the popular packaging expert firmly ahead of the competition once again.
Samhwa's 50g Airless Glass Refillable Jar

Introducing Samhwa's 50g Airless Glass Refillable jar, crafted with a hygienic design that ensures the contents remain untainted by any dust or particles in the air. The airless technology of this jar safely keeps the product without any contact with the surrounding air, thus preserving its quality and efficacy.

New Material: Recycled PP from 100% Ocean Bound Plastic for Cosmetic Packaging
Certina Packaging
Rising plastic pollution in our oceans demands urgent protection. To collect plastic waste before it reaches the oceans and transforming it back into a safe raw material is a first step in the right direction. CERTINA PACKAGING produces eco-friendly, high-quality durable cosmetic packaging made of 100% ocean-bound plastic - up to 100% rPP. Please feel free to contact us. We are here to provide tailored guidance to meet your specific needs.
Join the Refill Revolution
Join the refill revolution towards sustainability with APC Packaging's EcoReady Refillable Airless Jar. This innovative packaging solution preserves product integrity and extends its shelf life while offering a pressure-senstive dispenser and refillable inner cups.
Altium Nutrition and Supplement Packaging Design
Altium Packaging

Nutrition and Supplement Packaging Design from single-serve to bulk sizes, Altium Packaging has cutting-edge packaging to meet demands and distinguish brands in the growing nutrition industry. The company makes rigid plastic containers for consumers looking to maximize their health – including solutions designed specifically for pediatric, geriatric, bodybuilding, and many other specialty applications.

Hydrating Packaging Series For Cosmetic and Personal Care
The TG-N8A Set Series includes a jar and pump bottle with an iconic look to refresh the shelves. By using transparent and opaque bright modern blue tones side by side, the set has a trendy dynamic and playful effect. Sculpted to mimic the natural form of water drops, this series can reflect the hydrating function of the formula inside, contributing to a strong brand identity.
Asquan's Metal Collection: Cool Sophistication
Asquan Group

Discover the ultimate in elegance and sustainability with Asquan's aluminum beauty packaging collection! The 100% aluminum rechargeable lipstick, the 100% aluminum compacts, and the gorgeous 30ml rechargeable aluminum jar. Experience the unmatched benefits of aluminum beauty packaging!

Stand Out with Haute Airless Jar
Fusion Packaging

The Haute Airless Jar combines the prestige of a jar with the protection of an airless dispensing system in a lightweight, user-controlled package. It’s custom pump engine design allows the consumer to dose out controlled amounts of creams or lotions while preventing air from entering the product, significantly reducing the possibility of contamination. This item is part of our Haute collection.

Flat Jars in PP and PCR: The Complete Line
In 11 different capacities, ranging from 5 cc to 250 cc, the line of double-walled jars in PP demonstrates all its versatility and completeness. All Flat jars comply with the COSMOS standard and can be made of PCR with recycled material. You can customize them by choosing from the numerous colors available and decorate them with offset printing, silk screen printing and hot printing to obtain decorations of impeccable quality.
Natural Products Expo West 2024
Pretium Packaging
Pretium Packaging would like to extend sincere gratitude to all the visitors and exhibitors who trusted Pretium's packaging solutions for natural, organic, and healthy foods markets at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA, last month.