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CBD/THC Packaging News

10 Beauty and Personal Care Trends in eCommerce Set to Shape 2024
APG shares how the beauty and personal care industry has been changing at an incredibly fast rate over the past few years, something that’s been spurred on by the rise of e-commerce. In 2024, customers will shop online more than ever, and brands need to utilize the latest technology to outperform their competitors and grow a loyal customer base.
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The new NevilleandMore.com will deliver a greatly improved online experience while maintaining the same personalised solutions and exceptional customer service you have come to expect from us: More products, improved browsing, and new capabilities!
Ensuring Safety and Trust with Duma Packaging

Introducing our range of Duma bottles and jars, meticulously crafted from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). These containers are lightweight, durable, and recyclable. But the Duma difference doesn’t stop at aesthetics—it’s deeply rooted in safety and integrity. The packaging features tamper-evident and child-resistant options, ensuring ultimate protection for your end-users.

Cellular Goods launches lab-made cannabinoid skincare

UK-based Cellular Goods relies on synthesised cannabinoids, particularly CBG, to stay ahead of the competition and offer research-based skincare solutions. To protect its delicate formulas, the brand partnered with Quadpack to develop the perfect packaging for its new Cannabinoid Face Oil and Face Serum.

A breakdown of flexible packaging
MJS Packaging

Industry innovation and the ability to buy online have led to the growth of flexible packaging as a preferred packaging option compared to traditional packaging. Generally, when we think of flexible packaging, pouches are what first come to mind. With so many products and industries that can reap the many benefits of flexible packaging, we will explore the various options.