Healthcare & Pharma Packaging News

CR tins keep children and pets safe

Tin packaging is a great way to keep products safe and fresh. And stylish decoration on the metal exterior can make tins particularly captivating to children. But how can kids, or pets, be stopped from accessing the product inside? Hoffmann’s patented and customizeable child-resistant tins offer a safe solution.

Peel strength of foam band on PPE face visors

Face Shields (also known as Face Visors) are a vital PPE tool being used by front-line workers in the healthcare sector to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Bloc FaceShield is a clear lightweight visor fitted with a foam forehead band.

PackSys Global's smartcube™ increases production efficiency
PackSys Global AG
Productive, intuitive and user-friendly, smartcube™ is PackSys Global’s digital service platform for 24/7 analysing, monitoring and maintaining your portfolio of machines. It is based on industry standards (OPC UA, PackML) and programmed in HTML5 with responsive design enabling access on any device on any platform.
Tamper-evident eye dropper bottles
Bona Pharma
Bona's eye dropper bottles can be sterile and are available in capacities of 5ml up to 15ml and can be produced in different colors according to customer preferences. The bottles are offered with tamper-evident caps so that the consumer is assured that the formulation has not been compromised prior to use.
Giflor wins gold for innovation - again!

Giflor has once again proven that it is a leader in the pursuit of producing innovative packaging which conforms to both the desires of brands and consumers. The Italian closure manufacturer is proud to announce that its patented Eco Low Profile 772 mono-material tube system has received a top award during the Tube Council's prestigious 2020 Tube Of the Year Awards.

Securing Your Supply Chain
Raptor Packaging
Although it can be difficult and challenging to accept new meeting requests and sales inquiries, the investment made can and does pay dividends long term to your business. To rely solely on your known existing supplier base for your procurement needs is a huge and unnecessary risk in today’s marketplace. Here’s three reasons why you should consider having additional sources of supply for your most critical purchase components.
Amcor to help brands communicate packaging carbon footprint reductions through independent labelling from the Carbon Trust

Amcor has announced the ‘Reducing CO2 Packaging’ Label from the Carbon Trust can now be printed on Amcor packaging to demonstrate significant carbon footprint reductions. It’s part of the company’s lifecycle assessment service, which enables brands to measure their packaging’s carbon footprint from raw materials through end-of-use. The announcement comes at a time when sustainability is an increasingly important factor in consumers’ purchasing decisions.

EPL’s Platina is world’s first fully recyclable packaging tube
Essel Propack
EPL Limited (formerly known as Essel PropackLimited), the world’s largest specialty packaging company, has received global recognition from the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR), USA for its Platina Tube with an HDPE closure. EPL’s Platina is the first fully sustainable and completely recyclable tube in the world, including shoulder and cap, to get this recognition.
WP launches first 100% recyclable dispensing valve
Weener Plastics
Following extensive research, trials, laboratory tests, and consumer reviews, WP’s Innovation & Development team has created a 100% recyclable valve that offers fully controlled, clean dispensing. WP’s fully recyclable valve is made of a specially developed material. This enables full recycling with polyolefin waste streams – regardless of the bottle material.
SMART bottles prove ideal for many applications
Certina Packaging

Smart packaging is well designed to be highly functional. Consumers want handy-sized packaging that is quick and easy to use, whilst brands look for iconic styling which catches attention, yet is easy to fill and label. Certina Packaging's SMART bottle is the epitome of smart packaging.