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Healthcare & Pharma Packaging News

Metal Packaging: Europe's Premier Manufacturer

Choose from our standard product ranges or customise through decoration, embossing and styling options or, if you need a packaging solution which is entirely bespoke, we can design and manufacture tooling to your exact requirements. Whatever you’re looking for in metal packaging, you’ve come to the right place.

Customizable Child Resistant Closures
Tirrit’s CP1061 Child Resistant Closure can be manufactured in a range of different closure sizes: 28/400, 28/410, CP201, and GL28 Tamper Evident. Instructional images can also be embossed into the cap and extra user-friendly feature. All closure sizes are customizable to meet the customers' product range.
Experience Luxury and Innovation with Toly’s CryoRoll Applicator! 

Toly’s CryoRoll Applicator uses a free rotating high thermal conductive applicator offering multiple benefits to consumers such as cooling, rolling, and flexibility all in one. With 360° flexibility, massage stimulation and lymphatic activation, this tool is an exciting development .

Exploring Dry Powder Inhalers (DPIs)
Bona Pharma

Dry Powder Inhalers represent a significant advancement in respiratory treatments, offering a convenient and effective method for delivering medication directly to the lungs. Unlike traditional inhalers, DPIs use the patient's own breath to disperse a fine powder formulation of medication.

Taesung's Auto Dropper
As the pipette automatically fills, consumers can enjoy accurate dosing for extra precision and consistency for their skincare routines. The automatic function creates an ease of use, streamlining the process by cutting out a step. This innovative dropper set uses a sleek design, with a flat metalized button, a clean and professional evolution from the classic pipette dropper.
Buzz Off Bugs: Flairosol Go Keeps Users Bite-Free On-the-Go!
AFA Dispensing
As mosquito season kicks in, keep your customers bug-free with Flairosol GO—the perfect packaging for insect-repellent spray. It offers ultimate convenience and a consistent spray pattern, designed for on-the-go use. Make your bug spray solutions a must-carry item that stays with your consumers wherever they go!
Condensa 2024 Safety Day

Condensa held the 2024 Safety Day event aimed at strengthening the safety culture in the Condensa community. With an agenda focused on four fundamental pillars—leaders, Joint Health and Safety Committee (CPHS), work teams, and emergency brigade—the day sought to promote safe practices and a healthy work environment.

Discover TKPC's Best Solution for Effective Disinfection
TKPC's Spray Sterilized Pumps offer superior hygiene with splash-preventing ends and long, tilted nozzles to prevent contamination. Available in multiple sizes, they cater to various bottle neck types, ensuring efficient and clean dispensing of hand wash and disinfectant products across diverse settings.
TricorBraun's Guide to Different Cap Liner Types & Functions

Explore TricorBraun's selection of liners, an essential component of several packaging solutions, providing an additional layer of protection or functionality to the cap or closure. TricorBraun's liners help protect the contents of the package from contamination, moisture, air, and other external factors that could potentially damage the product.

Nolato and Sustainable Development - 2023 Sustainability Report

Nolato has a long tradition of responsible business conduct. The shared values of being Professional, Well Organized and Responsible are reflected throughout our business and are central to our sustainable development strategy. Nolato's sustainable development strategy is a vital part of its overall strategy for profitable growth. It is based on the Global Compact and the UN Sustainable Development Goals and is focused on addressing current challenges while preparing for future expectations and requirements.

UDN Soft Tip Tube: to bring soft and clean experience
The Soft Tip Tube is one of the most popular tubes in UDN's packaging products. Currently, UDN Soft Tip Tube has been used in a wide range of product lines such as eye creams, eye shadows, eye serums, wrinkle serums, concealers, hair care, foundations, pet oral cleansing, baby oral care, lipsticks, lip glosses, etc. The design of Soft Tip Tube emphasizes the flexibility and multi-functionality, which makes it particularly suitable for use in areas that require precise dispensing of liquids.
All Plastic Solution For Nose and Ear Spray
Premium Pack Ltd.

Now available in 15ml and 30ml capacities, the FDA approved bottle and spray have been designed for comfortable use by consumers, in transport and during application. This all-plastic pharmaceutical package offers a shatterproof, durable yet lightweight and cost-effective option for nose and ear application.

Altium Beverage Packaging
Altium Packaging
Altium Packaging has over 100 years of experience creating packaging for consumer beverages. Whether you are looking for in-stock or customized packaging, Altium has a solution for your brand. Altiums beverage bottle families are specifically tailored to keep you ahead of the curve by continually designing, developing, and producing bottles that lead the industry in shelf presence and consumer appeal—exactly where your products should be!
Neopac Wins Prestigious Ted Klein Tube of the Year Award from the Tube Council
Neopac has received the Tube Council’s prestigious Ted Klein Tube of the Year Award, along with a Gold Award in the pharmaceutical category, for a novel tube housing the pain relief product Icy Hot®. The awards recognize outstanding achievements and innovation in tube packaging design and technology and were announced at the Council’s membership awards dinner in early May.