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Pharmaceutical Sprays at Tirrit

Designed with a clean professional style, the nose, oral and ear sprays also all feature a Screw Down Locking Mechanism and for extra assurance can be offered with plastic safety clip options and caps fitting to avoid careless depression of the actuator.

Product improvement feedback
This webinar is the 3rd of Lansmont's 6-step methodology webinar series and will focus on thinking of the product and the package as a product/package system.
The new NevilleandMore.com is coming soon!
Neville and More
The new NevilleandMore.com will deliver a greatly improved online experience while maintaining the same personalised solutions and exceptional customer service you have come to expect from us: More products, improved browsing, and new capabilities!
PKG Group submit Drug Master File to US FDA: Bringing Skin Care Packaging Innovation To Healthcare

Yonwoo/PKG has taken the next step of evolution in supporting the healthcare market by partnering with The Global Regulatory Agency to establish its DMF to the FDA. This exciting development has the potential to open up Yonwoo/PKG’s eclectic collection of 400+ stock items to the world of pharmaceutical and healthcare products. Customers can browse through the impressive range of tubes, bottles and jars to find a solution to enhance their product and the user experience.

How to choose the best single-dose packaging machinery supplier?

Aranow, a leader in single-dose packaging solutions, offers you some guidelines to sort through the different packaging machinery manufacturers on the market. With this guide we recommend you to pay attention to these 5 points that will make the difference, and will help you in the difficult choice of choosing the ideal manufacturer.

Ensuring Safety and Trust with Duma Packaging

Introducing our range of Duma bottles and jars, meticulously crafted from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). These containers are lightweight, durable, and recyclable. But the Duma difference doesn’t stop at aesthetics—it’s deeply rooted in safety and integrity. The packaging features tamper-evident and child-resistant options, ensuring ultimate protection for your end-users.

Dependable One-way Dispensing Systems

Majesty Packaging Systems Limited is a state-of-the-art packaging manufacturer that specializes in producing bag-on aerosol valves. These innovative valves provide a dependable one-way dispensing system that effectively separates the product and propellant, ensuring the utmost in quality and safety.

Tinplate: The Cost-Effective Alternative to Aluminium
As well as providing aluminium solutions for customers, Enviro-Cap champions another sustainable and often overlooked material, tinplate. Tinplate closures are a cost-effective alternative to aluminium, whereby the product still benefits from the classic and sort-after raw metal look. The material has increased durability, serving as a reliable option that is still equally as recyclable.  
Fit, Functional & In Perfect Shape
Altium Packaging

Altium Packaging offers durable and versatile bottles that adapt to changing consumer needs in the fiercely competitive market. With a range of options from individual single-serve to bulk quantities, Altium Packaging provides innovative packaging solutions that elevate brands in the rapidly expanding nutrition industry.

The Falsified Medicines Directive 2011/62 / EU of the European Union aims to counteract the problem of counterfeit products. The guideline contains two security features: The serialization is usually guaranteed by, for example, a 2D data matrix code and an individual serial number as well as the application of protection against tampering. The guideline gives manufacturers and contract packers a great deal of leeway with regard to the implementation of tamper protection. One direction is now specified by DIN EN 16679.
UNICOA's Refillable Cream Jar
UNICOA releases its Refillable Cream Jar where consumers can find a discreetly placed hole at the bottom to remove the inner jar. This inner refillable jar and lid can be produced pp plastic, for effortless recycling after use.