Healthcare & Pharma Packaging News

Giflor welcomes the SQUEASYT™!
Spearheading the plastic closures industry, Giflor welcomes a brand new closure into its portfolio. The SQUEASYT™ benefits from a TPE valve and delivers clean dispensing without droplet loss.
Automated syringe break-loose and glide force system

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed unprecedented demand on manufacturers of syringes and vials. Ramping up production of syringes has been a challenge which manufacturers have pulled out all the stops to meet. However, with increased production comes increased testing.

Pregis launches Phantom Mask protective film

Pregis is launching Phantom Mask, a new temporary protective surface film, that has been engineered to eliminate costly and labor-intensive adhesive transfer problems on plastic sheets, parts and products

Packaging for the Planet 2021 Conference
Webpac is proud to announce the launch of the Packaging for the Planet conference online in June 2021. The Packaging for the Planet 2021 Conference is the world’s first dedicated virtual event where brands and packaging suppliers come together to learn, network and collaborate for the good of the planet.
Droppers provide easy liquid dispensing - not just for pharma!
Neville and More
Well-established in the pharmaceutical industry as an effective liquid dosing device, dropper caps and dropper bottles are also proving themselves to be valuable in other industries too. Neville and More, a well-known primary packaging supplier to the UK market, has an extensive offering of dropper bottles and dropper caps available direct from stock for delivery across the UK.
Why choose a temper-evident seal?

For a growing number of products and markets, a seal is indispensable. A temper-evident seal offers the consumer certainty and reliability. At Kornelis, we can supply caps and closures together with a wide range of seal types and sizes. When selecting the seals, we select environmentally conscious materials wherever possible.

Which tube is best?

With decades of experience in the production of tubes, Spanish company Tubeplant is well-positioned in the tube industry. But, with different tube types available on the market, which tube is best?

New player RxPack enters pharmaceutical packaging sector

Coster Group transfers its pharmaceutical aerosol and dispensing business to the newly formed company  RxPack. The new company combines Coster’s products and complementary offerings from Lindal Group to  create a distinctive portfolio of spray packaging solutions for pharmaceutical applications. It is thus ideally  positioned from the start to seize the growth opportunities in this sector. RxPack will be located in Oggiono,  north of Milan in Italy, and is expected to start operations at the end of this year.  

The importance of packaging design in poison prevention
Mold-Rite Plastics
Many of us take poison prevention for granted. From household cleaning supplies to personal care products and prescription medication, many items exist in our own homes that are dangerous when used improperly. When we think of packaging, we often think about it in terms of what looks nice, what is easy to use, and what can help keep our products intact. But packaging also plays a very crucial role in poison prevention.
Boomers value accessible packaging
Inclusive design is gaining awareness with consumers and brands alike. When we consider the Boomer generation specifically, symptoms of aging like weakening grip, poor vision, and lower dexterity are common. But when combined, these altered abilities make certain forms of packaging more challenging to use.
GSK Consumer Healthcare joins Pulpex paper bottle consortium

Pulpex Limited is a new world-leading sustainable packaging technology company established by venture management firm Pilot Lite and spirits producer Diageo. The company has developed a first-of-its-kind scalable paper bottle that is 100% PET-free. In addition to GSKCH, the consortium includes Diageo, Unilever and PepsiCo, with other partners expected to join later this year.