Healthcare & Pharma Packaging News

Multiple nozzle options for veterinary syringes
Nordson EFD

Nordson EFD offers a comprehensive selection of dosing syringes used in the treatment of horses, cows, dogs, cats, and other animals. Available in single or multi-dose options, EFD disposable animal health syringes are used to package medications, supplements, and a variety of other creams, gels, and pastes.

Tubeplant's 360 tube print technology
Tubeplant is a market leader in tube production for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries with 2 decades of experience. The company's production process ensures a short manufacturing time along with superior print quality.
Giflor's recycle-ready cap and tube solution
Following intensive development and testing, Giflor's eco low profile cap (ELP) is now part of a brand new laminate mono-material tube system that is recycle-ready as a single piece of packaging. The new launch marks another milestone on the path towards sustainable packaging and a circular economy.
Acti Pack presents its new PET range "Revok"
Acti Pack

Acti Pack's latest range of PET bottles, "Revok" are cylindrical yet tapered for grip, ample space for labelling and decoration, and have a wide variety of available closures. Perfect for the Beauty, Personal Care, and even the Health market, these stylish bottles are 100% recyclable.

See the impact of your branding with Trivium's 3D visualizer
Trivium has incorporated a 3D visualizer into its website, enabling its customers the opportunity to see their branding on a range of the company's metal packaging. The service is offered by Trivium without any additional cost, allowing its customers to explore design ideas and create a finished pack in just minutes!
Material selection matters: Part 2

Having worked closely with clients on hundreds of custom packaging solutions, there have been many times at TricorBraun where we needed to incorporate specific test protocols in the qualification process – protocols that went well beyond the standard UN or ISTA certifications.

Hand sanitiser dispenser pump testing
Sales of antibacterial gels have soared enormously following National Health Service advice telling the public to thoroughly wash hands in order to stay protected from Coronavirus. In fact, even before the 2020 pandemic crisis, the presence of hand sanitisers had already become commonplace, not only in hospitals but also in schools, restaurants and offices.
Handy solutions to maintain hand hygiene
Berry Bramlage

A convenient and sustainable pack solution that provides hand hygiene on-the-go has been launched by Berry Bramlage. The new Hands’Up 50ml Tottle is a refillable bottle that consumers can continually top up with their favourite liquid soap, hand gel or sanitiser to keep their hands clean wherever they go.

Hoffmann Neopac to Host Webinar on Premium Tins & Tube Packaging Options for North American Cannabis Sector

Hoffmann Neopac, a global provider of high-quality packaging for a broad array of industries and applications, will host a webinar exploring best packaging practices for the burgeoning North American cannabis market. Further information about the company's CR Tins, ideal for the cannabis market, can also be found on the company's Webpackaging LIVE 3D showcase.

HK's Combi-Cap is twice as useful and twice as nice!
Certina Packaging
HK Cosmetic Packaging has launched the brand new “Combi-Cap”, an innovative closure solution with multiple uses. The 2-in-1 Combi-Cap can be used to combine two different products, or as a possible applicator for tubes. Comprised of two lightweight components, consumers can choose to keep the inner soft applicator screwed on to the tube for gentle application or keep it inside the overcap to be able to directly access the tube’s contents.
Invisible codes on packaging to boost recycling
Innovative packaging design, improved recycling infrastructure and consumers playing their part at the point of disposal are all necessary to achieve the circular system we all agree is needed. That’s why global companies, retailers, and others – including Amcor – have been coming together to find answers that address the challenge across the value chain.
The syringe airless packaging
Premium Pack Ltd.

Efficient packaging for your eye cream that is easy to use and ensures a precise application whilst light in weight and easy to find in your bag is now available in Premium Pack's 15ml Syringe Airless Packaging.