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Flexibles Packaging News

Pouches: Discover versatile pouch packaging with BlueSky
Explore the versatility of BlueSky’s pouch packaging solutions, perfectly tailored for a broad spectrum of industries from sports supplements, coffee, and confectionery, to liquid personal care, home care, and beverage products. Our pouches are designed to accommodate liquids, powders, and solids, providing a flexible, durable, and aesthetically pleasing packaging option that enhances brand value and consumer appeal. With BlueSky, ensure your product stands out in today’s competitive market.
Menshen Awarded IHK World Market Leader

MENSHEN has again been awarded the seal of world market leader. The company is one of 165 Hidden Champions from South Westfalia (Germany), which includes world market leaders with top performance and cutting-edge technologies. Menshen was recognized as a specialist in closure solutions, especially in weld spouts (pouch inserts) and closures for specialty chemicals.

Fast, Focused, and Flexible!
Axium Packaging

In the fall, Axium Plastics changed its name to Axium Packaging, embracing a broader perspective and taking our commitment to sustainability even further. While plastic bottle manufacturing remains at the core of the company's business, it has expanded to offer a wide range of packaging solutions, including tube closures and more decoration options.

Berry Global Increases Recycling Capacity for Flexible Films
Berry Global
As part of a pan-European project to expand production of its Sustane® range of recycled polymers, Berry Global Group, Inc.’s Flexibles division recently increased recycling capacity across three of its European recycling facilities. Leveraging the company’s global access to valuable recycled plastic, this expansion project will help meet the growing demand for high-performance films made with recycled content.
H-Pack Packaging Celebrates Great British Chippy With Launch of 'Great Taste' Range of Products
H-Pack Packaging
Europe’s packaging one-stop shop, H-Pack Packaging has launched a line of products exclusive to fish and chip shops which it expects to appeal to high-end UK chippies that want packaging that stands out, while reflecting the quality of the food it holds. The new ‘Great Taste’ fish ‘n’ chips packaging range includes a series of small, medium, and large, eye-catching paper boxes and small and large paper bags, with handles.
Reduce Plastic Usage With The Bare Pump
NF Beauty Group
In line with NF Beauty’s collection of paper-based packaging solutions, you will find The Bare Pump that uses an outer paper canister with a flexible pouch inside, acting as the inner bottle. This greatly reduces the amount of plastic used in comparison to conventional packs on the market, offering brands the ideal eco-friendly story to coalign with their own sustainability goals.
The Smallest of the Lightweight Family: The B36L Roll On Bottle
KAJ Sp. z o.o.

For brands looking to further reduce their plastic usage, or to create a more compact product, meet the smallest member of the KAJ lightweight family, the B36L. The compressed structure of the pack makes the B36L the perfect travel partner, fitting into small liquid bags and personal care kits. The smaller bottle allows for increased control during product distribution or when massaging the formula into the target area. 

Merry Make Up Bags!
Cherng Mei

Here the M245 and M244 models use an iconic pointed bottle colored green, reminiscent of elegant bulbs that interact with the light. This luxury look is further enhanced by a regal collar and metalized cap.   The pointed tip also improves the product usage rate, naturally drawing all the product closer to the applicator head, without being stuck in accessible areas.

Value-Driven Pet Packaging Design
TricorBraun is available to help pet care brands develop a ‘paw-fect’ packaging strategy that reaches value-driven pet owners. At TricorBraun, we deliver quality, cost-effective packaging solutions driven by consumer insights to differentiate your packaging and facilitate meaningful experiences that drive sales, generate brand loyalty, and increase market share.
APG Color Matching and more

When selling your products both in-store and online, packaging plays a crucial role as it's the first thing your customers will see. It's essential to create eye-catching and captivating packaging to attract their attention. At APG, we provide a variety of decoration capabilities that exceed the usual, including color matching, marbling effects, blind embossing, and more.

Somewang Skincare and Cosmetic Packaging
Somewang Packaging

In the packaging industry, silk screen printing is a preferred decorating method for plastic bottles used in skincare and cosmetic products. This technique lends a sophisticated and elegant look to your product packaging, thereby enhancing its overall appearance.