Decoration Packaging News

Warm peach gold make-up
LIBO Cosmetics
LIBO's warm peach gold make-up line has been designed with lazy afternoons in mind whereby warm sunlight shines upon the body. LIBO offers a range of decoration options for these products, and all processing is done in-house.
Benefits of New Jar from Berry Stack Up
Berry Global
A new stackable jar from Berry Global offers a valuable space saving solution on retail shelves, through e-commerce channels and in the home. At the same time, the jar provides excellent consumer convenience, and its effective product protection, reusability and recyclability enhance its environmental profile.
Skincare for everyday people

Bondi Sands self-tan and suncare products are globally known by consumers and beauty experts for their high quality, environmentally conscious formulas and packaging. The Australian-based brand is also venturing into the promising skincare market and chose Quadpack to develop the packaging for its new Everyday Skincare Range.

Berry’s Standard Solution has Individual Appeal
Berry M&H

A new standard design launched by Berry M&H provides a complete pack and closure solution for cleaning products such as washing up liquids and rinse aids, while giving companies the opportunity to personalise the bottle to their own requirements.

Take a second look at our sticks
Certina Packaging
Sticks never go out of packaging fashion and for good reason. Tall or short, chunky or slim, these handy packs lend themselves well to balmy products for a range of topical applications. In addition to their highly functional form, sticks are relatively easy to transform with decoration, so that the same product can take on a brand new feel according to the market and user groups to which the product is targeted.
NEST-FILLER PKG presents its Tottle Dropper
NEST-FILLER PKG, one of the world's most innovative cosmetic packaging companies, presents its Tottle Dropper (TOD). With a capacity of 20ml or 25ml, the Tottle Dropper is ideal for targeted application of low viscosity formulations such as serum, essence, gel and more.
Sparkle with Hopeck Rolling Threaded Pipette Dropper Bottle
Adding to its extensive range of beauty, personal care, home care, and cosmetics offerings, HOPECK has designed a new pipette dropper bottle- the stunning Rolling Threaded Pipette Dropper Bottle. This easy-to-use pack is special not only for its gorgeous appearance but also its versatile usage in a broad variety of cosmetic package solutions.