Decoration Packaging News

New Printing Technology: Shadow Printing
Shadow printing is the new printing technology at GEKA that is an innovative and sustainable decoration technique that avoids any additional usage of foil or ink. It delivers striking surface finishes for packaging, helping customers achieve perfect brand aesthetics for combination of matt and shiny surfaces.  his decoration technique is incredibly flexible, allowing complex customized elements and patterns to be applied to bottles or caps.
Frida & Lisa bottles: it’s hip to be square!

Hot on the heels of the Gala dip-in pack, Quadpack has broadened its collection for liquid makeup formulas. Frida and Lisa are the two newest dip-in bottles which, when combined with a selection of high-performance applicators, offer the right tools to create that perfect look.

Custom Plastic Packaging at Robinson
Robinson Packaging

Need something custom made? The majority of Robinson's packaging solutions are custom made. No matter how specialised the requirement, we are known for getting things done. See custom packaging examples including carpet cleaners, actuators combined with overcaps, air fresheners and foldable hooks for toilet cleaners.

MingFeng Conveys Culture Through Shape
MingFeng Packaging
MingFeng is always prepared to spend its time studying and developing solutions that fully understand its customers; creating shapes, mechanisms, and decoration services that translate a concept, no matter how abstract, and bring it to life.
Metallization: Don't Do Ordinary

For more than 50 years, Anomatic has designed and produced packaging solutions that elevate our client’s products to unmistakable heights in the marketplace. Metallization is one technique to achieve this goal. Offering finishes that are customizable and elegant, striking and cost-effective, Anomatic’s metallization process will bring your brand to life thanks to the remarkable array of decorative finishes and colors at your disposal. You’ll never do ordinary again.

High-Quality Aluminium Bottle Printing

If you're in the market for top-quality aluminium bottle printing services, look no further than BlueSky. Our European manufacturing base manufactures and prints aluminium bottles on-site.

Frosted Glass Packaging: Elegant Pink and Amber
Premium Pack Ltd.

Premium Pack offers glass packaging in various styles and finishes, making your brand more distinguished on the shelves. Frosted glass packs are available in full or gradient colors to create a sophisticated look, such as elegant misty pink or amber. The range includes jars, and bottles that can be paired with pumps, droppers and caps which are available in aluminum, plastic and PCR:

Laser engraved logos look their best on Pujolasos' wooden caps
At Pujolasos you can easily customize your project by engraving your logo on the cap. Taking advantage of the wood's natural design, textures take center stage to elevate the identity of the final product; that's how we bring to life core values such as respect for the environment and sustainability.
World's Promo: Sophisticated and Functional Square Lip Gloss Container
Cherng Mei

The 401 model, holding 3.8g of product, has been designed with a sophisticated square shape. The square shape of the cap makes the pack even more user-friendly, as hands that may have been in contact with slippy moisturizers and other cosmetics, can better grip onto the cap to open. The bottle comes complete with a doe foot applicator shaped perfectly for application onto the lips.