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Decoration Packaging News

Glass Goes Glam
Asquan Group

Asquan is your go-to partner for the newest and freshest glass packs and top-notch glass decoration. The company has taken the time to ensure that it offers the highest quality glass with the superb lead times and competitive pricing that it is known for. Discover a range of glamorous solutions to instantly catch the eye of your target audience.

APG Color Matching and more

When selling your products both in-store and online, packaging plays a crucial role as it's the first thing your customers will see. It's essential to create eye-catching and captivating packaging to attract their attention. At APG, we provide a variety of decoration capabilities that exceed the usual, including color matching, marbling effects, blind embossing, and more.

3 Ways Liquid Packaging Allows for Greater Brand Creativity
Innovative, flexible packaging offers numerous advantages over traditional bottles that require molds and labels. AeroFlexx's unique design for liquid packaging solutions uses up to 70% less plastic than traditional bottles and can incorporate up to 50% recycled content—all without compromising durability.
Transforming glass into cosmetic packaging art
Bakic Group
We are specialized in glass and glass decoration and have 27 years of experience in this field! There are many reasons why we love glass: Its premium appeal, high quality feel, recyclability, and much more. Glass is 100% endlessly recyclable, never losing strength or purity. That is why almost all of our skincare lines at Bakic Group can be made of PCR glass from local suppliers in Europe!
Berry Agile Solutions to debut in London
Berry Global

This year’s London Packaging Week will mark the debut of Berry Agile Solutions, a new pan-European operation that offers both short lead times and low minimum order quantities, including multi-product orders, to provide customers of all sizes with fast access to one of the widest ranges of high-quality packaging solutions.

SHP New Launch: The Mono PP Jar
SHP's new launch is the Mono PP Jar. Using mono PP material in cosmetic packaging contributes to sustainability efforts by energy and water saving, and also contributes to carbon emissions. Also, mono pp material will be easily recycled. The pack is cost-effective, with reduced plastic and airtight chemical resistance.
GÖNRGY energy drinks soar to stardom on socials
Germany’s best known social media star MontanaBlack has launched GÖNRGY, a range of exciting new canned energy drinks – and they are already flying high thanks to an organically growing online campaign that emphasises a positive attitude, pleasure and fun. Packed in the 500ml aluminium can from Ardagh Metal Packaging, GÖNRGY offers a multi-sensory thrill.