Decoration Packaging News

Natural beauty and 100% recycled glass

Today's consumers demand sustainability, design and coherence. Wild Glass is the new gold standard in artisanal design, it’s the new trending colour, and it’s made of 100% recycled (PCR) glass.

Hidden beauty
Heinz Glas
Hidden Beauty is the third design of the Haute Couture de Décoration series. Whether metallization or color spraying as a base, a crackle varnish adds a special effect to any spray coating.
Neopac wins Swiss packaging award for first application of novel tube procurement service
Hoffmann Neopac has won a Swiss Packaging Award in the Marketing category for the company’s initial project involving its recently launched DigitAll360° tube procurement service. Introduced earlier this year with an online marketplace, DigitAll360° offers intuitive ordering of digitally printed tubes with high-quality variable printing, precision color matching, flexible batch sizes and expedited delivery.
Libo's innovative eyeshadow stick
LIBO Cosmetics

Libo presents an innovative eyeshadow stick that provides the user with a precise and controlled make-up application. Easy to swipe, smudge and blend the color, Libo's innovative eyeshadow stick is perfect for on-the-go make-up!

Liquid lipsticks with easy application

Specialized in the manufacture of colour cosmetic packaging, Efficient Engineering's product portfolio includes a delightful option for liquid lipstick. Like lipgloss packaging, this liquid lipstick pack incorporates a doe foot applicator for easy application of the colour from first to last.

COPCO’s recyclable PP jars
COPCO Packaging
COPCO is launching a collection of plastic jars which are made of recyclable materials. With a classic round shape and nice design, they are an excellent choice for brands that are looking for eco-friendly cream jars.
IIC produces new soup tub for M&S
M&S's design specification required leak-proof packaging that simultaneously met the requirements of both hot and cold filling. IIC developed a unique oval shape with a sturdy lid fit which solved the customers filling issues.
Aluminum eye make-up never looked so good!
Rayuen Packaging

Rayuen has introduced 2 brand new make-up tubes into its packaging portfolio that have been designed to suit luxury brands. The brand new aluminum cosmetic packaging choices are perfect for a range of products, including mascara, eyeliner, brow products and hair finishing formulations.

Best. Summer. Ever. with 2Wine cans
Ardagh Group
Summer is finally here and Amsterdam-based 2Wine are out to make ‘to wine’ the hottest verb of the season – with Ardagh Metal Packaging’s specialist Wine Can taking centre stage. 2Wine’s new trio of 250ml slim cans are gorgeously photogenic, inviting friends to immortalise their catch-ups on social media.