Decoration Packaging News

The PETG Airless Travel Bottle
UKPACK Packaging

The Airless Lotion Bottle is small and light making it the ideal pack for travel cosmetics and personal care. You can be assured your product is easy to board, safe to use and easy to clean, all while still protecting active ingredients in the formula.

Sustainable Luxury Paper Packaging: Folding Cartons
Robinson Packaging
The folding cartons are made from 100% post-consumer recycled material and are widely recyclable. The paper is from sustainable sources with company currently pursuing FSC certification. Robinson offer many decorative options printed directly to the surface of the board. This includes printing up to seven colours, foil blocking, embossing and debossing.
Customizable Lip Balms
Luxury and elegance comes to the market with Anomatic’s innovative lip balm packages. Options include conventional standard sizes and taller slimmer options. Both can be found in non-weighted or weighted versions, for that extra luxurious tactile feel. Color and decorative combinations are virtually limitless, so these lip balms can uniquely relay a packaging story that fits your brand.
Eyeliner Packs at Efficient Engineering
Liquid Eyeliner adds dramatic impact to our eye makeup and is an effect that can be achieved in a number of fashions. To reflect this versatility, Efficient Engineering, a company that specializes in cosmetic makeup, has designed 4 different styles of liquid eyeliner packs that have been inspired by classic eyeliner shapes.
Refillable PCR Twist-Up Deodorant Stick
MayPak Packaging

Refillable packaging complements sustainable brands and gives companies an effective method to reduce the overall use of plastic in manufacturing.  MayPak Packaging releases one of its many refillable options, The PCR Oval Refillable Deodorant Stick.  The pack includes a smooth and curved body with an inner compartment that can be removed and replenished easily during refill.

Giflor's new 730 is now without valve
A cap that prevents the product from flowing out correctly, with too little or too much dosage, can make the user experience frustrating to detrimental effect. How can this be avoided? And how can perfect dispensing be assured in every situation?
Refillable Ranges at Lombardi

Lombardi Design and Manufacturing provides the cosmetic and personal care market with a wide range of refillable solutions including Airless Packs, Jars and even Lipsticks. Refillable options are in high demand as a sustainable solution, as it saves overall cost and impact on the environment.

Attractive Metal Tins for The Season of Cheer
The Box b.v.
Metal containers have been long associated with holiday cheer and the long-lasting preservation of different assortments of baked goods like savory biscuits, homemade Christmas cookies, aromatic fruit cakes, rich chocolates, and truffles. The Box b.v. is ready to deliver custom-made tins from orders of as few as 2,000 units
Viva Packaging ‘IML tube’ tested and approved by RecyClass

Viva's IML tube is among the latest technologies to receive a RecyClass Approval Letter. Independent laboratory testing shows that this technology is compatible with the rigid polypropylene recycling stream, further advancing the company's sustainability goals.

KKP's Self-Loading Dropper- Elegant and Automatic

During the design of this dropper, KKP carefully considered every detail, aiming to optimize the user process while maintaining a stylish look. The Self-Loading Dropper automatically loads the product as you screw open the bottle. This eliminates the conventional step of manually filling the pipette, therefore streamlining the process.