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Luxury Packaging Packaging News

Glass Goes Glam
Asquan Group
Asquan is your go-to partner for the newest and freshest glass packs and top-notch glass decoration. The company has taken the time to ensure that it offers the highest quality glass with the superb lead times and competitive pricing that it is known for. Discover a range of glamorous solutions to instantly catch the eye of your target audience.
APG Color Matching and more
When selling your products both in-store and online, packaging plays a crucial role as it's the first thing your customers will see. It's essential to create eye-catching and captivating packaging to attract their attention. At APG, we provide a variety of decoration capabilities that exceed the usual, including color matching, marbling effects, blind embossing, and more.
Transforming glass into cosmetic packaging art
Bakic Group

We are specialized in glass and glass decoration and have 27 years of experience in this field! There are many reasons why we love glass: Its premium appeal, high quality feel, recyclability, and much more. Glass is 100% endlessly recyclable, never losing strength or purity. That is why almost all of our skincare lines at Bakic Group can be made of PCR glass from local suppliers in Europe!

Elegance Refined, Sustainability Defined
Blending luxury, sustainability, and a touch of naivete, Pujolasos developed a uniquely shaped closure to bring forward a nostalgic scent without fully diving into what could be mistaken for a child fragrance.
LIBO's Versatile Refill Jar for Cosmetics and Personal Care
LIBO Cosmetics

By creating a jar that has refillable capabilities, this reduces packaging waste and production as well as being more economical for consumers coming to replenish their favorite creams.  The jar is available in two different styles of straight and round edges, depending on individual preferences. 

Branding & Tins: The Power of Printed Tins
The Box b.v.
Tin printing is a very effective way of both protecting a product and reinforcing your brand, as tins are very versatile. They can be used to package your product, but also to present a promotional gift in a sophisticated manner.
Epara switches to refillable airless
Epara’s Hydrating Crème-Gel replenishes dehydrated skin while minimising the effects from pollution and screen light. While Hydrating Crème-Gel protects the skin, Quadpack’s Regula Airless Refill, in turn, shields the high-end formula from external contamination.
Luxurious, airless and refillable
With the rise in popularity of natural and free-from formulations, airless packaging is also becoming increasingly more common. Offering a stylish shell that protects cosmetic and skin treatment products from external contamination, airless packaging fills an important role.
ROMA Airless: Twist Up Aluminum Airless Packaging

Glaspray releases it latest aluminum twist-up package, The Roma Airless. The patented design, in addition to providing airless protection to formulations, also includes a wide range of benefits for brands including sustainability features of being refillable and using recyclable materials.

Sustainable Luxury Paper: Shoulder Boxes
Robinson Packaging

Robinson's shoulder boxes present the most premium offering. The shoulder reveal acts as a third piece to a box and lid construct, offering incredibly easy opening. It also introduces the option of a further design element. The paperboard is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper and is widely recyclable.

Aluminum Designs: Lumina Jar
NF Beauty Group
The Lumina Jar minimizes the use of plastic that is seen in traditional jars. By combining an aluminum outer jar with a refillable PP inner jar, Lumina Jar offers a luxe pack, while being sustainable and recyclable.
All-in-one Airless Shuttles are hot in luxury packaging
SR Packaging

Hot in luxury packaging right now are SR Packaging's all-in-one Airless Shuttles!  For ultra-personalized beauty, cosmetic and luxury packaging, Airless Shuttles enable brands to engage with their customers by creating options for a unique skincare set in one single pack.