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Be Distintictive. Add Wood.

The Dries Van Noten perfume features a distinctive design element: a luxurious wood touch covering half of the bottle. ?A unique design that reflects Pujolasos' ability to organically insert wood into packaging designs to fully develop concepts that create a sensorial experience and give shape to scents.

Asquan's Metal Collection: Cool Sophistication
Asquan Group
Discover the ultimate in elegance and sustainability with Asquan's aluminum beauty packaging collection! The 100% aluminum rechargeable lipstick, the 100% aluminum compacts, and the gorgeous 30ml rechargeable aluminum jar. Experience the unmatched benefits of aluminum beauty packaging!
Travel in Style With The Round-Ara

The Round-Ara is the stylish and luxury choice for travel sprays or more compact editions of your product. The sleek metallic outer casing maintains a high-end feel even on the go, accompanied by an inner refillable glass bottle. Under the protective cylindrical container, you'll find a cool tiered pump design with a reliable dosage of 0.13ml. Choose your preferred design with a choice of a small or large to maintain a premium brand feel image wherever the consumer is.

Elegant and Luxury Cosmetic Pens

Cosmetic pens are a stylish and functional choice for the application of products. The fine tip and familiar ergonomic pen shape allows for precision, and with the applicator attached to the formula, product waste is decreased, allowing users to use it only as and when needed.   Cosfinity's CP06-2028 model is an elegant design for cosmetic pens, suitable for products such as lip liners, eyeliner and eyebrow cosmetics. Add a touch a luxury to your makeup kits with a choice of pink or silver sparkle pair with metallic accents.

100 looks of Epopack presents: #27 Ebony Amber Elegance

Step into a world of timeless sophistication with Epopack's "Ebony Amber Elegance" collection. This exquisite look features an amber bottle adorned with a sleek black cap and pump, perfectly complemented by an amber jar with a matching black lid and cap.

Introducing Samhwa's Deluxe Compact Cushions
Introducing Samhwa's round deluxe compact cushions, a stunning addition to any beauty care routine. Their unparalleled design exudes creativity and individuality, making them a must-have for companies seeking to upgrade their beauty brand. The packaging has been meticulously crafted to ensure a clean and elegant atmosphere, further adding to its allure.
The Art of Cosmetic Packaging: Trends and Innovations

In the ever-evolving world of beauty and personal care, cosmetic packaging plays a pivotal role in elevating brand perception and driving consumer engagement. This fusion of form and function not only serves to protect and preserve the product but also acts as a silent ambassador for the brand, conveying its story and ethos at first glance.

4 Ways High-End Brands Influence Packaging Design
High-end brands often drive innovation and technology to influence other brands and shape the industry. With the AeroFlexx Pak—our innovative sustainable liquid packaging solution—you have the freedom to create the exact packaging that aligns with your brand aesthetic and values.
Luxury Patterned Double-Walled Jars
Taesung offers customizable double-walled jars geared towards luxury brands and products with intricate and elegant patterns adorning the pack. The outer layer has been finished with a choice of line, square or diamond 3D designs, creating an engaging effect in combination with the inner gold-colored layer.
Feminine, Elegant, Sustainable
Faca Packaging

When it comes to skincare, luxury and elegance go hand in hand. Enhance both with the soft, violet hue of Faca Packaging's T104 Refill Jar, add a touch of femininity and sophistication to your beauty products.

Embrace Natural Beauty With Molpack's Range of Wood Components
Molpack presents a wide range of beautiful wood alternatives for beauty brands. Natural, beautiful, pleasant to the touch, and with positive connotations for consumer and brand engagement, wood has evolved from an experimental material to a highly demanded finish for cosmetic packaging.
Perfect Pout Power
KINDU Packing
Kindu Packing understands the power of a perfect pout. That's why they offer a range of beautifully designed lipstick tubes/containers to enhance and illuminate your lips. From double-ended and miniature to air-tight and refillable lipstick containers, Kindu has lip care packaging to create your desired lipstick presence to support a daily confidence and beauty routine.
World's Promo: Sleek & Sophisticated Glass Packaging

Explore 30ml & 50ml Glass Beauty Care Packaging solutions from SMCG (Somang Glass) in 3D Worlds. Operating with cutting-edge enterprise systems, SMCG is the No. 1 glass manufacturing company in Korea in terms of production capacity and sustainability. SMCG understands that packaging becomes one of, if not the most, influential factors at play in drawing customer attention to any given product online or in-person.