Cosmetic Components Packaging News

Anita Line
Anita is a line of friction fit compacts designed with a difference. As you remove the lid you will find that it is separate from the base, similar in effect to a gift box. The lid fits perfectly over the raised godet, which also presents the product in a very unique way.
High-volume Filling - KBL Cosmetics an Industry Leader
KBL Cosmetics

Our facility and equipment allow for high-volume filling of a multitude of product in tubes, bottles, jars and pots, airless pumps, regular and slim-sized lipstick cases, and so much more. KBL Cosmetics is an industry leader in Contract Manufacturing and Private Label for personal care/cosmetic items.

New bamboo applicator kit from Qosmedix
Qosmedix has introduced a new bamboo applicator kit into its offering. This kit was created with the professional makeup artist in mind and contains necessary disposable makeup applicators to maintain a hygienic environment for clients.
Chrome spray effect on packaging bottles & jars
SR Packaging

The chrome spray effect is now achievable by adding a thin layer of spray coat on plastic packaging bottles and jars. It is the special ink used during the spray coating process that works the magic, perfectly catches consumer’s attention.

A gentle gesture for well-being
Feeling good is not only a matter of external beauty. The rise of holistic wellness is proof that consumers are increasingly attracted to formulas and treatments that boost energy and comfort feelings, leading brands to invest in products that create a sense of well-being.
Star Drop: Aptar redefines foundation

Aptar Beauty + Home, world leader in the fragrance and cosmetics dispensing solution sector (sprays, aerosols, pump bottles, etc.), is now revolutionising foundation packaging with Star Drop, the only packaging dispenser on the market with a valve that delivers a highly-accurate dose.

Swipe & define eyeliners
Felt-tip eyeliners are typically the choice when it comes to creating a dramatic (or not so dramatic) cat-eye. To create the perfect flick and taper out the eye line, use the nib like a stamp and press flat against the skin. GCC's swipe & define eyeliner allows effortless, precise application every time.
Essentia Beauty's effective refill solutions
Essentia Beauty

This time there is no more place for doubt. The era is more than ever focused on the notion of “CleanBeauty”, which integrates safe formulas, transparency and preservation of the environment. Essentia Beauty presents its “On the Go” its palette concept, very innovative in terms of design, and which is available with a refill option.

Induplast amplifies options for travel packs
Induplast SpA

One of Induplast's most requested personal care products now comes in a handy travel size option with a 25ml capacity. The Roll-one is an excellent packaging for beauty, personal care, skin care, sun care and localized pain relief products, and the new travel size offers a perfect pocket-sized option.

The 'handy' multi-use colour cosmetic pack
IMS Packaging
With a length of 89mm, IMS Packaging's LG/MS/EL-695 multi-use pack is the ultimate 'handy' make-up pack as it is the length of the palm of the hand! The pack can be tailored for use with either eyeliner, lip gloss or mascara.
Color Queen by L'Oréal Paris, an eco-designed compact from Texen
Texen Group

In order to optimize the brand’s request, Texen Industries put its innovation capacity at the service of responsible design. The result is Color Queen, an ultra-pigmented compact. To respect the brand’s request for a sustainable makeup product, Texen’s CEICA factory worked to reduce the amount of raw materials used and the number of components.