Cosmetic Components Packaging News

Meet KAJ Packaging at Paris Packaging Week
KAJ Sp. z o.o.

KAJ is excited to join this year's Paris Packaging Week 2023 event as part of PCD. Take the opportunity to meet the team at stand C40 and see the latest roll-on packaging solutions, inclusive of KAJ's latest light-weight models.

Cosmetic Pump Tube: Clean, Convenient and Controlled Dispensing
Cherng Mei
Professional cosmetic packaging supplier Cherng Mei presents the Cosmetic Pump Tube, a convenient cosmetic tube with an integrated pump dispenser and cap. The pump tube acts as a makeup or skincare staple with its lightweight and compact design that easily fits into makeup kits or toiletry bags. Coming in a generous volume of 60ml, Cherng Mei also offer the pack in a smaller 37ml travel size, ideal for cabin luggage liquid bags, samples or more intensive skin care treatments.
Refillable Air Cover Compacts for Liquid and Powders
FS Korea has created the Refillable Air Cover Compact, a hygienic and effective solution for liquid and powdered cosmetics products. Incorporated into the pack is a handy brush applicator, which makes more efficient use of space in make-up bags. The brush is embedded into the pack using an innovative slide-in mechanism, protecting the brush from outside contamination.
Half You, Half Magic, All Compostable: Compostable Cosmetic Packaging
These exceptionally unique eyeshadows are encased in equally extraordinary biobased packaging. HALF MAGIC, via their collaboration with Toly – the representative for PaperFoam®– is the first to launch on the market with this completely home compostable or paper recyclable technology, giving these godets another life!
Idol Woodacity® Solo Twist Compact: the family is growing!

Idol Woodacity® Solo Twist Compact is the new addition to the Woodacity® family! A refillable compact, it features the Solo Twist closure system, bringing a new, inclusive gesture for both right and left-handed consumers, who can open the cap on a quarter turn in either direction.

Different bottle designs, but always with a dropper
Virospack's dropper designs always spark the people's interest. Its new pack for Green Mandarin Aromessence by Décleor is composed of a breathtaking orange glass bottle and a premium high-quality dropper that exudes elegance with its rubber black bulb, gold metal shell cap, and glass pipette.
Lipsticks: Magnetic Closures and Exquisite Craftmanship
MayPak Packaging
Meet MayPak’s Magnetic Lipstick, which beautifully marries MayPak’s reliable engineering with chic decorative techniques. Comprised of environmentally friendly materials PP, ABS and Cardboard, the pack can be easily recycled after use. The materials have been applied with a high density to create thick weighted walls, providing a high-end feel in your hand, adding value to the overall product.
Airless Syringes for Focused Skincare
Premium Pack Ltd.

Premium Pack Ltd supplies the market with user-friendly, airless syringes in a variety of styles, ideal for focused skincare such as eye serums, balms, creams and gels. Coming in handy sizes of 5ml, 10ml, 15ml and 20ml, the syringes can be paired with a variety of head options depending on the desired function.

Customizable Lip Balms
Luxury and elegance comes to the market with Anomatic’s innovative lip balm packages. Options include conventional standard sizes and taller slimmer options. Both can be found in non-weighted or weighted versions, for that extra luxurious tactile feel. Color and decorative combinations are virtually limitless, so these lip balms can uniquely relay a packaging story that fits your brand.
Eyeliner Packs at Efficient Engineering

Liquid Eyeliner adds dramatic impact to our eye makeup and is an effect that can be achieved in a number of fashions. To reflect this versatility, Efficient Engineering, a company that specializes in cosmetic makeup, has designed 4 different styles of liquid eyeliner packs that have been inspired by classic eyeliner shapes.

Refillable Ranges at Lombardi

Lombardi Design and Manufacturing provides the cosmetic and personal care market with a wide range of refillable solutions including Airless Packs, Jars and even Lipsticks. Refillable options are in high demand as a sustainable solution, as it saves overall cost and impact on the environment.

KKP's Self-Loading Dropper- Elegant and Automatic

During the design of this dropper, KKP carefully considered every detail, aiming to optimize the user process while maintaining a stylish look. The Self-Loading Dropper automatically loads the product as you screw open the bottle. This eliminates the conventional step of manually filling the pipette, therefore streamlining the process.