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Cosmetic Components Packaging News

Slim Line Cosmetics: Exquisite and Ergonomic Design

Cosfinity’s Slim Line collection offers an elegant and user-friendly package that can be applied to mascaras, eyeliners and lip glosses alike. Thinner slim bottles and applicators fit more comfortably in our hands and are naturally lighter than larger cosmetic bottles. This makes it far easier to manage and to navigate the applicator to create sharp lines.

Elevate Your Lipstick Experience with Regalo Slim!
Behind the scenes, Regalo undergoes a precision engineering process to ensure the flawless functionality of its elevation system. The sleek and refillable design adds an eco-friendly touch, incorporating PCR and PET materials. The 3.5g bullet, encased in a premium aluminum shell, undergoes meticulous anodizing for customizable, chic color options.
The Syringe Dropper: With a Choice of PET or Glass Bottle

The syringe dropper gives your product a niche and professional look on the shelves as well as providing advanced functionality. Unlike conventional droppers seen on the market, the syringe dropper is perfect for adjusting dosages for cosmetics, skincare, and healthcare treatments. The syringe dropper allows users more control over the application process and is also the ideal choice for high-viscosity products.

Iconic Tassel Lipgloss
LIBO Cosmetics

This Tassel Lipgloss sees a stylish leather tassel used in combination with the popular lipgloss and concealer pack to add a distinctive and playful touch. You can find the pack in a large or mini version, equipped with an effective doe foot applicator that can used for products such as lipgloss, liquid blush, highlight and lip tint. 

Nail It With Bomo Trendline's Nail Polish Packs
bomo trendline

Bomo Trendline's catalog of beauty solutions includes a refined collection of nail polish packs. For those seeking variety and artistic flair, Bomo Trendline offers dual-ended packs made from PETG. This practical option allows users to explore different shades or experiment with artistic designs.

Choose Nature, Choose TAMIL
TAMIL is the ideal production partner to insert a touch of nature into your products. Expert technicians are available to study and implement the perfect closure or wooden solution for every need, or to optimize an existing product.
Mini Aluminium and PETG Lip gloss: Stocking Fillers and Festive Minis
Cherng Mei
Cherng Mei proudly adds new editions to its extensive catalog of cosmetic packaging solutions, the M395 and M396 mini lip glosses. These packs come just in time for the festive season where brands are releasing gift editions of their products that can be used as stocking fillers or included as part of trending cosmetic advent calendars.
CERTINA PACKAGING's New Online Product Catalog
Certina Packaging

You select the packaging shape that best suits your product, then determine the appropriate volume and decide on the most suitable material. Whether PP, PET, Heavy Wall PET, HDPE or Glass-like polymers, in the online product catalog of CERTINA PACKAGING you will surely find the perfect match.

Liner Pens: With Innovative Configurable Angled Tip
NF Beauty Group
NF Beauty Group's Liner Pens are the ideal solution for a quick and easy application process. The combination of the slender handle and a configurable angle allows for optimal control with minimal effort. With different closure options like felt tips, brush tips, stamp tips, and more, the possibilities are endless!
The Mono PP Stick Now With Patented Airtight Technology
The latest model the TDD-004 has achieved airtightness in addition to the mono PP design. Taesung has put emphasis on the use of pp throughout the range as it allows for the highest level of recyclability. The new patented airtight structure provides excellent preservation and low weight loss, ensuring users get the best experience of your product.
UDN Tubes For Foundation: Part 2

UDN has a deep understanding of the packaging needs of foundations and skin creams and a wealth of experience in design and production, driven by its close cooperation with the world's top beauty brands. UDN is committed to providing consumers with an experience that is both convenient and precise, ensuring that every application reveals the product's optimal effect.

New square luxury is premiered in Dubai
Seriplast is debuting its brand-new bottle pack at Beautyworld Middle East in Dubai. The new pack showcases an important collaboration between some of the world's best packaging manufacturers as Seriplast has worked alongside Virospack and Silgan Dispensing to present a perfectly functioning pack that is ideal for luxury formulations.