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Cosmetic Components Packaging News

Metal Packaging for Men’s Grooming

The male grooming industry and metal packaging go hand in hand, and as Europe’s leading provider of pre-threaded screw caps, godets, aluminium and tin containers, Roberts Metal Packaging is the ideal packaging partner. Metal packaging is durable and provides excellent protection for the products inside, ensuring they remain in good condition. Metal packaging is also recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly choice. it can be customized with sleek and modern designs, appealing to the target market of men's grooming products.

Lip Gloss Packaging: Metal Balls to Stimulate the Formulation
IMS Packaging

The metal balls work towards mixing and homogenization for liquid formulations, by helping to mix the content thoroughly. When the package is shaken, the metal balls roll around and agitate the product ensuring that any settled particles or ingredients are evenly distributed, providing consistent quality and performance.

Mosaic Overmolding for Cosmetic Packaging

By using innovative overmolding techniques, your jar, bottle or dropper pack can be taken to the next visual level, incorporating imaginative patterns to capture the market's attention.  See the cracked mosaic style for cosmetic containers, drawing on classical craft to elevate your brand image and create an artistic piece to accompany your formula.

Color Ring Series For a Signature Touch
The Color Ring Series sees flat shoulder bottles and jars manufactured in PP and PETG, featuring a cool splash of color on the flat base of the shoulder. The line includes pump bottles, jars and dropper packs, where the signature touch of color can be echoed on the dropper button and the dispensing orifice of the pumps.
The Miamo Refillable Compact
A special piece manufactured by Toly! The Miamo Second Skin Mesh Cushion SPF 50 PA+++, a stylish and refillable compact solution.
Innovating Mascara Brushes for Perfect Lashes

Yuen Myng's diverse and innovative mascara brushes and applicators cater to brands seeking to enhance lash appearance with ease and precision. With dual-ended options and a vast range of volumes, shapes, and decoration features, they are the perfect choice for customers seeking brushes that work well with various formulas.

Turn Over a New Leaf with Molpack's Most Sustainable Solutions

Molpack is leading the way in sustainable packaging with solutions like the M3R Monomaterial Airless and the Ergonomic Oval Tottles, both made with recyclable and recycled materials. The company's latest offerings, including mono-material droppers and the M3R Jar, emphasize eco-friendliness and reduced carbon footprints while maintaining high quality and functionality.

Luxury Glass Foundation Packaging
Cosfinity offers foundation bottle packaging in numerous styles and includes a glass range with extra individual elegant designs to add a touch of class. Find golden topped caps, frosted metal pink and leaf forms.
Neopac Announces New Cosmetics Tube Line in US Facility, and launches Polyfoil® Sensation
Neopac is introducing a new cosmetics tube line at its Wilson, NC plant. The state-of-the-art tube line boasts enhanced capacity and capabilities, enabling it to produce an additional 70 million tubes per year, ranging in size from 25-40mm in diameter and 15-150ml in volume. The investment will feature full tube body colorations and seven-color offset printing capabilities, with options for matte, silk, and glossy lacquers. Installation is set to commence in June 2024, with production slated to begin in August 2024.
The Slice Jar: Easy As Pie
NF Beauty Group

NF Beauty Group's Slice Jar not only reduces waste but also comes equipped with a thoughtfully integrated spatula, ensuring each application is clean, hygienic and precise.  No more messy fingers or lost spatulas - its all in one place, right where you need it.

Hidden Hinge and Customizable Mirror, The Ergonomic JUNO Series
LIBO Cosmetics

JUNO Series comes with a customizable mirror frame and a hidden hinge for a cleaner appearance, highlighting the product more with a simpler display. The shape of each piece has been considered by LIBO’s design team with the consumers' comfort in mind. With smooth edges and intentional sizes, the compacts, lipglosses, mascaras and powder jars fit nicely into the palm of the hand.

Innovations in Makeup Compacts & How Advances in Technology Are Shaping Consumer Choices

As the demand for innovative and convenient beauty products rises, the development of makeup compacts has seen significant technological advancements. These innovations are not just enhancing the functionality and aesthetic appeal of makeup compacts, but also influencing consumer choices and preferences. Private label cosmetics, including state-of-the-art makeup compacts themselves, are at the forefront of this evolution, offering tailored solutions that meet the dynamic needs of today's beauty market.

New Glass-Like Products and Sustainable Solutions at Cosmetic Business Munich
Certina Packaging

See REBHAN's new glass-like product range which includes spray, dropper, pump and treatment bottles completely in a high-quality luxury glass-like material, Eastman Cristal™ One E. Enjoy the look and feel of glass but now unbreakable. A line that sees elegance and beauty combined with sustainability.  At the stand are even more versatile and professional models for the standard line with new exciting finishing options, current trend colors, unusual masterbatches and customization options. 

Hit Play with Us!
Asquan Group
With our wide array or ready-to-go packaging that covers your needs from head to toe – finding the right packaging solution for your breauty product has never been easier.