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Aerosols Packaging News

Aluminum Packaging Accessories
Condensa manufacturer and supplier of aluminum packaging provides a diverse range of aerosol add-ons that cater to the needs multiple customers. The range of add-ons includes precision valves, advanced atomizers, ergonomic triggers, efficient sprayers, actuators, pumps, and innovative Bag on Valve technologies.
Don't Forget About Reuse
AFA Dispensing
Flairosol is a next-gen spray and foam solution with an easily removed closure for either refilling the bottle or recharging by attaching a new filled bottle to the sprayer component. By introducing long-lasting devices with multi-use functionality, we can lead consumers to see reuse as an essential aspect of sustainable living.
WP keeps packaging fresh for PLMA
Weener Plastics

Presenting its sustainable innovations and developments, with a focus on recent and upcoming product launches, WP highlights some of the fresh looks that PLMA visitors can expect to see.

Majesty Packaging Meets North American Demands for Aerosol Valves

Majesty Packaging Systems Limited is a high-tech packaging manufacturer located in Guangdong, a coastal province in South China. The company specializes in producing aerosol valves, dispensing pumps, and mist sprayers. It is proud of its advanced production facility, which includes state-of-the-art equipment for producing moulds and valve assembly lines, robust quality control systems, and strong research and development teams.

Aluminum vs. Plastic: Sustainability in Packaging
Condensa is committed to sustainability and environmental protection. Explore in depth why aluminum is the more sustainable choice for packaging compared to plastic. Annual global aluminum production reaches approximately 65 million metric tons, while plastic production exceeds 368 million metric tons. This indicates that plastic production is almost six times higher than that of aluminum. However, despite this difference in volume, it is important to consider the overall environmental impact of each material.
Plastic Air Pressure Aerosol Spray by Maypak
MayPak Packaging

Ideal for Food and Beverage, Home Care and Personal Care products the MP4180 model uses an innovative air pressure system using plastic materials alone to create an effective spray and mist. Using widely recyclable PP and PET materials, the pack measures at a very portable height of 16cm, making it perfect for transport and easy to store.

Berry Global Introduces Spray Through Overcap with 50% Recycled Content
Berry Global
Demand for recycled content in packaging is growing, fueled by environmentally conscious consumers across markets. To support customers in achieving their sustainability goals with recycled content, Berry Global has recently introduced a new recycled plastic stock option as a part of its Bmore Circular Solutions – a spray through overcap made with 50% recycled content.
Two prizes for TUBEX at ADF, Paris

An Award and a Certificate for TUBEX at the ADF 2023 in Paris: TUBEX's unique holistic approach towards sustainability was awarded a certificate by the jury, plus the company picked up an award for the Concept of the Year category.

CO2 Savings With Nucan
Less is more! Nussbaum is reducing its CO2 emissions significantly each month by using 100% Nucan-PCR aluminium. An amazing 11'600 tons of CO2 have been saved with the production of Aerosol Cans made from 100% Nucan-PCR aluminium so far.