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Aerosols Packaging News

Dependable One-way Dispensing Systems
Majesty Packaging Systems Limited is a state-of-the-art packaging manufacturer that specializes in producing bag-on aerosol valves. These innovative valves provide a dependable one-way dispensing system that effectively separates the product and propellant, ensuring the utmost in quality and safety.
Berry Global Introduces Spray Through Overcap with 50% Recycled Content
Berry Global
Demand for recycled content in packaging is growing, fueled by environmentally conscious consumers across markets. To support customers in achieving their sustainability goals with recycled content, Berry Global has recently introduced a new recycled plastic stock option as a part of its Bmore Circular Solutions – a spray through overcap made with 50% recycled content.
CO2 Savings With Nucan

Less is more! Nussbaum is reducing its CO2 emissions significantly each month by using 100% Nucan-PCR aluminium. An amazing 11'600 tons of CO2 have been saved with the production of Aerosol Cans made from 100% Nucan-PCR aluminium so far.