Aerosols Packaging News

Summit Packaging Reaches New Peaks with European Expansion
Summit Packaging
Summit Packaging, an industry leader in the aerosol valve and actuator marketplace, is in the final stages of an expansion at its European Headquarters in Almere, The Netherlands. The additional space will offer new product development, customer support, and a localized supply chain for components.
LINDAL Group launches Flip440, a new actuator with integrated overcap
Lindal Group
LINDAL have improved the design of their existing ST440 actuator and incorporated a convenient hinged overcap, to ensure that the cap does not get lost when the product is in use. The hinged overcap also eliminates the chance of accidental actuations, which is particularly important when dealing with technical products that could cause skin irritations or create a mess.
ALPLA's aerosol in a PET bottle
This PET packaging solution for aerosols combines benefits for consumers and for the environment. It is suitable for a variety of applications, from deodorants to sunscreens and even room fragrances.
Airopack Customer DFNS Sustainable Care Brand Partners with UFC on Exclusive Collection
DFNS, a key Airopack customer and a partner in our sustainable packaging platform, has expanded their connection to the global athletics market with their announced licensing partnership with UFC. The deal will yield a collection of sustainable care products. The line will feature water-based and biodegradable formulas, sugar-cane packaging and air-powered alternatives to aerosol packaging.