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Sustainability Packaging News

Biodegradable Goes Technicolor
Painted wood, despite its decorative coating, remains a biodegradable material, contributing to its environmentally friendly characteristics. That's why Pujolasos' customized wood solutions for the fragrance and personal care market can easily match a brand's identity while enhancing its sustainability efforts.
No Metal Contact Mist Sprayer
Creating a metal-free pathway for the formula to pass through provides additional benefits for brands and consumers. See the ST3210 mist spray, using a metal-free pathway, suitable for application across of number of markets including cosmetic, personal care, fragrance, health and home care.
Stand Out with Haute Airless Jar
Fusion Packaging

The Haute Airless Jar combines the prestige of a jar with the protection of an airless dispensing system in a lightweight, user-controlled package. It’s custom pump engine design allows the consumer to dose out controlled amounts of creams or lotions while preventing air from entering the product. This airless package design reduces the possibility of contamination that can occur with dipping into traditional jars while creating a more hygienic product experience for the end user. Brand formulas are protected from outside contaminants to ensure ingredients stay potent and effective through the entire product life cycle. This item is part of our Haute collection.

Refillable Stick Containers: Lipsticks, Foundations and Skincare
LIBO Cosmetics
The LB-L039 and the LB-A138F are sleek eco-friendly refillable containers for lip and face cosmetics, fitted with a removable compartment within the casing.  The stick and lipstick use elegant metal finishes to add a touch of luxury, making a high-end and durable package for consumers to enjoy long-term whilst using refillable systems.
Essential: The New Aluminum Collection
Lumson - Italy
Beauty begins with responsibility...Discover Essential, the New Aluminum Collection that combines functionality, aesthetic appeal, and environmentally conscious design. Lightweight & Infinitely recyclable material, this multi -faceted & versatile with different decorations and finishes of up to 6 colors
Natural Products Expo West 2024
Pretium Packaging

Pretium Packaging would like to extend sincere gratitude to all the visitors and exhibitors who trusted Pretium's packaging solutions for natural, organic, and healthy foods markets at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA, last month.

Flat Jars in PP and PCR: The Complete Line

In 11 different capacities, ranging from 5 cc to 250 cc, the line of double-walled jars in PP demonstrates all its versatility and completeness. All Flat jars comply with the COSMOS standard and can be made of PCR with recycled material. You can customize them by choosing from the numerous colors available and decorate them with offset printing, silk screen printing and hot printing to obtain decorations of impeccable quality.

Toly in Collaboration with Sulapac
At Toly, we don't just follow sustainable beauty - we implement it. In collaboration with Sulapac, Toly is offering a range of innovative eco-friendly packaging that is sustainable and also stylish. These products are ideal for brands looking to reduce their carbon footprint.    Choose Toly and Sulapac to make a positive impact.
Do you utilize single-material packaging?
Single material, or mono-material as it is also known, means the whole package consists of only one material. When it comes to recycling it is important to make it as easy as possible so that the consumer has a simple recycling experience.
Recyclable Mono Material PP Tube and Cap
Yuan Harng

This Eco-friendly package uses a tube body, head and cap, all of which use the widely recyclable PP material. All parts of the tube can be recycled together as one, streamlining the process with no need the separate the individual elements. The mono-material tube puts a sustainable twist on a classic model, ideal for a wide range of beauty and personal care products.

Travel in Style With The Round-Ara
The Round-Ara is the stylish and luxury choice for travel sprays or more compact editions of your product. The sleek metallic outer casing maintains a high-end feel even on the go, accompanied by an inner refillable glass bottle. Under the protective cylindrical container, you'll find a cool tiered pump design with a reliable dosage of 0.13ml. Choose your preferred design with a choice of a small or large to maintain a premium brand feel image wherever the consumer is.
Refillable Lotion Bottles With A Professional Look

Sun-Rain’s SR-2221 model offers numerous benefits for brands and consumers, ticking all the latest trends, all with a stylish and professional appearance. This refillable lotion bottle uses AS for the outer bottle, and PP for the inner replaceable container, both of which are recycle-friendly.