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Sustainability Packaging News

Tell a Unique Story With TAMIL's Wood Caps and Closures
TAMIL is well aware of the shifts in consumer trends and the advantageous opportunity wood represents in the packaging industry. That is why the company has invested in mastering the craft to produce wooden caps, stoppers, closures, and covers for cosmetics and beauty accessories such as fragrances.
Glass Goes Glam
Asquan Group

Asquan is your go-to partner for the newest and freshest glass packs and top-notch glass decoration. The company has taken the time to ensure that it offers the highest quality glass with the superb lead times and competitive pricing that it is known for. Discover a range of glamorous solutions to instantly catch the eye of your target audience.

Introducing Light Family
KAJ Sp. z o.o.

Two years ago, KAJ launched the very first version of the light-weight packaging. Produced from PP and HDPP, we reduce the amount of plastic use on the market while maintaining the same high-quality roll-on bottles.

Roll On Packaging for Lip Gloss and Fragrances
Cherng Mei
The M386 Roll On Lip Gloss Bottle gives you the choice of a PETG or glass bottle, each recyclable and with its own benefits. PETG will create a more cost-effective and shatterproof solution, whereas glass will give a more high-end feel and look. Each option is complemented by another sustainable and high-quality material of aluminum, to elevate the overall effect.
3 Ways Liquid Packaging Allows for Greater Brand Creativity

Innovative, flexible packaging offers numerous advantages over traditional bottles that require molds and labels. AeroFlexx's unique design for liquid packaging solutions uses up to 70% less plastic than traditional bottles and can incorporate up to 50% recycled content—all without compromising durability.

Choose Your Feel with Flavia
Meet Flavia, Glaspray’s patented twist-up lotion dispenser which gives brands and consumers the choice of style and feel. Each outer case design has been specially made to stimulate the senses and create motion, engaging consumers to interact with the product and relate it to a tactile sensation.
Rituals Teams with Pujolasos to Develop its Body Cream Jars
Pujolasos develops elegant wood closure for Rituals' body cream jars. Pulling from the brand's Asian aesthetic and the use of rice and lotus flowers within its products, Pujolasos designed a polished closure dyed in white to bring forth a sense of tranquility and relaxation.
Thrace Group Provides Versatile Solutions for Beverage Dispensing
Thrace Group

Thrace Group's bag-in-box portfolio provides a versatile and practical solution for the storage and dispensing of liquids such as wine, fruit juices, milk, and other beverages. The company's PE bags with glands are an excellent choice for large quantities of liquids, providing convenient and efficient dispensing.

OCR Glass: Refillable, Recyclable and Stylish
NEST-FILLER PKG launched its One Click Refill GLASS jar which is refillable and 100% recyclable. OCR-GLASS reveals a sleek and smooth appearance, offering the easiest refill technology at the same time with its patented one-click refill system.