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Industrial Packaging News

Menshen Awarded IHK World Market Leader

MENSHEN has again been awarded the seal of world market leader. The company is one of 165 Hidden Champions from South Westfalia (Germany), which includes world market leaders with top performance and cutting-edge technologies. Menshen was recognized as a specialist in closure solutions, especially in weld spouts (pouch inserts) and closures for specialty chemicals.

Large HDPE Omnijars
Neville and More
Increase your products' on-shelf presence with Neville and More's large HDPE Omnijars range. These substantial jars are perfect for sports nutrition powders along with other pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial products.
PKP's Industrial Trigger Sprayers Get the Job Done
PKP's expertise in dispensing solution manufacturing allows the company to deliver both insutrual and consumer trigger sprayers. The company's industrial range offers a series of benefits, including: durability, spraying volume and pressure, chemical resistance, and special nozzle designs.
Stronger Spraying For Tough Jobs

Yingbo Aerosol Valve's TS-500EM is designed to deliver powerful spraying capabilities, making it an ideal choice for the industrial sector. Its copper nozzle ensures precision and durability, enhancing overall performance for a wide range of applications.

How to choose the best single-dose packaging machinery supplier?
Aranow, a leader in single-dose packaging solutions, offers you some guidelines to sort through the different packaging machinery manufacturers on the market. With this guide we recommend you to pay attention to these 5 points that will make the difference, and will help you in the difficult choice of choosing the ideal manufacturer.
Laundry compressing and packaging

he machines we produce are mainly known for the bag-in-box principle; automatically placing bags into boxes or crates. But we also support other packaging operations that can be done by machine, stand-alone or in line. The solutions that we develop can be used in various markets, such as the bakery, meat and fish industry, or the moulding industry. This time we were challenged to develop a machine for laundry packaging. Challenge accepted: Meet our EasyPress!