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Plastic Bottles Packaging News

The Syringe Dropper: With a Choice of PET or Glass Bottle
The syringe dropper gives your product a niche and professional look on the shelves as well as providing advanced functionality. Unlike conventional droppers seen on the market, the syringe dropper is perfect for adjusting dosages for cosmetics, skincare, and healthcare treatments. The syringe dropper allows users more control over the application process and is also the ideal choice for high-viscosity products.
100 looks of Epopack presents: #12 The Mid-Century Look
"The Mid-Century Look" is a captivating set of bottles and jars that takes you on a nostalgic journey back in time. Inspired by the timeless charm of mid-century design, this collection from Epopack showcases a delightful mix of colors and shapes that evoke the elegance and simplicity of a bygone era.
Six Reasons to Choose Aeroflexx

When it comes to liquid packaging design, you need a product that delivers on customers' needs for convenience, value, and sustainability. Discover why the AeroFlexx Pak is that product.

Melt Hearts with The Snowman Container

Meet The Snow Man container, one of MPS’s highlight products that adds a touch of character to your product presentation. Suitable for the Food and Beverage industry, The Snow Man container provides extra festive fun to grab consumers’ attention from the shelves. The container has been moulded in the shape of a snowman, including subtle facial indentations and button details. The pack can be produced in recyclable PET and rPET to meet individual requirements.

Airless Glass Bottle with Refillable PP Bottle
Premium Pack Ltd.
Premium Pack's Airless Glass Bottle with Refillable PP Bottle offers brands sustainability and the best of both worlds. The outer glass casing adds a high-quality visual and tactile effect to your product, exuding luxury and protection. For the inner refillable compartment, Premium Pack has utilized PP material for a less cumbersome and more economical refill process.
CERTINA PACKAGING's New Online Product Catalog
Certina Packaging

You select the packaging shape that best suits your product, then determine the appropriate volume and decide on the most suitable material. Whether PP, PET, Heavy Wall PET, HDPE or Glass-like polymers, in the online product catalog of CERTINA PACKAGING you will surely find the perfect match.

Glamour and Sparkle with the Diamond Skin Care Series
The Diamond Series is designed with an extra special touch of diamond-inspired caps matched with dependable and recyclable PETG bottles and jars. The caps use two styles of 3D decoration, incorporating triangle shapes into the outer structure that reflect and interact with natural lighting to produce an engaging sparkle effect.
Evoke the Senses of Autumn with SHB Packaging
SHB Packaging

SHB's bottles are ideal for everyday products such as body lotions, shower gels and shampoos to name a few. Use on-hand guidance to apply understated coloring techniques and bottle shapes to create packs that are inspired by fall or incorporate autumnal ingredients.

Jiaxin's perfectly executed PE bottles

Jiaxin Industrial is known for its excellence in manufacturing plastic packaging, in particular, plastic bottles for the personal care and cosmetic industries. The company has a broad offering of plastic bottles, including PET, PETG and PE bottle options, enabling brands to choose the bottle which best suits their formulation.

New square luxury is premiered in Dubai
Seriplast is debuting its brand-new bottle pack at Beautyworld Middle East in Dubai. The new pack showcases an important collaboration between some of the world's best packaging manufacturers as Seriplast has worked alongside Virospack and Silgan Dispensing to present a perfectly functioning pack that is ideal for luxury formulations.
The New Refillable PP Mono Airless Essence Bottle by Taesung

This PP Mono Refillable Essence Airless pack truly meets all the market's current demands for eco-friendly and practical packaging. The pack is entirely recyclable in PP and PET plastic, while also achieving the sort-after airless technology to enhance and protect your chosen formula with the option to refill and reuse.

PET Eco-Line Packers from Utah & Pennsylvania U.S.A.!
Pretium Packaging
Pretium, a leading packaging solutions provider, has recently launched its family of PET Eco-Line Packers from two of its plants - Salt Lake City, Utah, and Hazleton, Pennsylvania. These lightweight PET plastic packers are designed to cater to the needs of the nutraceutical and supplement industry that requires 45mm and 53mm neck finishes.
A Fresh Perspective on Packaging
Altium Packaging

When it comes to food, the way it is presented can be just as important as how it tastes. Altium Packaging understands this and offers a wide range of packaging solutions that keep food and sauces fresh and enhance their appearance.