Plastic Bottles Packaging News

Chrome spray effect on packaging bottles & jars
SR Packaging

The chrome spray effect is now achievable by adding a thin layer of spray coat on plastic packaging bottles and jars. It is the special ink used during the spray coating process that works the magic, perfectly catches consumer’s attention.

Certina Packaging's black plastic is now green
Certina Packaging
New technology is now allowing black plastic to be recycled and re-used. Certina Packaging is utilizing this new technology to produce carbon-free black packaging. The company uses different particles which can be detected by the scanners, ensuring that black continues to be a colour option available to brands, and enhancing the opportunity for its packaging products to be recycled and incorporated as material for use again in a brand new product.
Introducing a world-first: A Coke bottle made with plastic from the sea
Coca-Cola is unveiling the first ever sample bottle made using recovered and recycled marine plastics, demonstrating that, one day, even ocean debris could be used in recycled packaging for food or drinks. This sample is the first ever plastic bottle made using marine litter that has been successfully recycled and reused in food and drink packaging.
COPCO's powder bottles

COPCO's powder bottles are great bottles for baby powder products. Comprising a flexible HDPE bottle, with a convenient flip cap, and a secure snap-on neck, there are 2 styles available.

Wooden collars add an elegant accent to sprays and disk-top cap

From Autumn 2019, Quadpack launches a striking new accessory for its range of bottles and sprays; an attractive wooden collar that creates instant eco-chic. Wooden collars are a relatively easy add-on for disc-top bottles and sprays, rendering perhaps the most common format in the beauty aisles with a premium touch.

Trista airless
Requests for airless have been steadily growing. Hearing customers' voices and requirements for airless packaging, GCC PKG's new airless bottle range, Trista, is available in 6 capacities in a fully recyclable PP bottle that works with all types of formulation viscosities.
Induplast amplifies options for travel packs
Induplast SpA
One of Induplast's most requested personal care products now comes in a handy travel size option with a 25ml capacity. The Roll-one is an excellent packaging for beauty, personal care, skin care, sun care and localized pain relief products, and the new travel size offers a perfect pocket-sized option.
Bottles help deliver a soup-erior experience
Berry M&H

A major disruptor in the prepared soups market is providing a new taste and well-being experience with the help of custom-moulded bottles from M&H Corby, a company of Berry Global. The distinctive rectangular-shaped bottle creates a strong impression on-shelf with the soups clearly visible to emphasise their natural properties.

Amcor designs lightweight PET bottles for pasteurized beer in Brazil

Amcor has adapted its leading-edge design technology to develop the first polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles for pasteurized beer in Brazil. The company designed custom 600 milliliter containers for beverage maker New Age Bebidas, Leme, São Paulo, that feature the beauty of a glass-like, champagne-style base combined with the convenience of lightweight and shatter resistant PET.

Scentered chooses 100% recycled packs from Spectra
Spectra Packaging
Spectra Packaging recently produced recycled packs for Scentered's new range of hair, body and hand products. Using Spectra's distinctive Roma Round design, the new bottles were blow moulded in 100% PCR PET. The new bottles are complemented with natural finish shallow caps from the firm's extensive standard closure range.
Alpha Packaging's custom bottle for Senproco's Green Groom line
Alpha Packaging

Senproco manufactures the Green Groom line of safe, natural and biodegradable pet grooming products. Because all nine products are environmentally friendly, Senproco also wanted its packaging to make the smallest impact possible on the environment. Working with TricorBraun, Senproco chose Alpha Packaging to manufacture a custom bottle and selected Technigraph to provide print design and decoration.

Precision dosage, even with higher viscosity formulations

Driven by consumer demand, beauty offers increase daily as brands constantly look for new ingredients and formulations for greater effect in a shorter time. Consequently, correct dosage and precise application are more important than ever to ensure optimal results. VIROSPACK's Autofill Dropper provides a high-tech solution for an exact formula in-take which is also suitable for higher viscosity products. It is a unique, patented Autofill Dropper on the market with bulb.

Nature's Way unveils new sustainable packaging with innovative square design made from 97% PCR plastic
Nature's Way, a trusted leader in the vitamins and supplements industry, unveiled a new line of sustainable packaging for its herbal line consisting of over 300 items, including Ginkgold, Saw Palmetto, Ginger Root, Activated Charcoal and Turmeric. To continue pursuit of a positive impact on the earth, the new innovative packaging is made up of 97 percent post-consumer recycled plastics.
Pretium pioneers new approach to bottle design via new innovation center
Pretium Packaging
Pretium Packaging is pioneering a new innovation approach for private label and independent brand companies at its new Pretium Innovation Center in Aurora, Illinois. The center, which is housed in an existing Pretium manufacturing facility, has been thoughtfully designed with separate rooms, each dedicated to a different part of the package selection process.
Glass packaging as an integral style element

"People buy scent with their eyes,” says Bernd Stauch, Senior Director Sales Cosmetics at Gerresheimer. Gerresheimer’s new high-performance Decoration Centers at Momignies in Belgium and Tettau in Germany employ the latest technology such as UV printing, to ensure that perfume products look as good as they smell.