Plastic Bottles Packaging News

COPCO's exquisite square serum bottles
COPCO Packaging
COPCO is launching a new collection of PET bottles for upscale skincare products. The collection is designed in a striking square shape. Thanks to our years-experience of mold design and PET production, the square angles are made exquisite with small radiuses, and all sides are rigid and flat with straight edges.
Acti Pack makes sustainability easy with 50% PCR Bottles
Acti Pack
Acti Pack is continuously developing new products and updating their existing product lines to better fit their customer’s needs. Consumers and suppliers alike are more and more interested in PCR plastic and other more sustainable options- Acti Pack listened and delivered!
Robinson is a trusted partner in laundry bottles
Robinson Packaging

The busy consumer’s laundry bottles must encompass all the functionality they expect to tackle the job at hand. At Robinson, we’re known for our honest and straightforward approach to how we do business and how we work with our customers. We will work to find your ideal, custom-made alternative.

State of the art plastic bottles from Altium now in full 3D
Altium Packaging
Altium Packaging are always rethinking the plastic bottle. From food, nutrition, automotive, and household cleaning, they are developing the best containers for both brands and consumers. Now visitors from all corners of the world can stop by their Webpackaging LIVE 3D booth today to experience their packaging solutions without wasting carbon emissions or time in airplanes.
Ring your customers' bell!
With so little time available to capture a consumer's attention, how can you ring their bell and make them take notice of your product on shelf? In addition to catching the consumer's eye, a pack needs to stand out from the crowd in order to be picked up and purchased.
Packaging for the Planet 2021 Conference
Webpac is proud to announce the launch of the Packaging for the Planet conference online in June 2021. The Packaging for the Planet 2021 Conference is the world’s first dedicated virtual event where brands and packaging suppliers come together to learn, network and collaborate for the good of the planet.
Droppers provide easy liquid dispensing - not just for pharma!
Neville and More

Well-established in the pharmaceutical industry as an effective liquid dosing device, dropper caps and dropper bottles are also proving themselves to be valuable in other industries too. Neville and More, a well-known primary packaging supplier to the UK market, has an extensive offering of dropper bottles and dropper caps available direct from stock for delivery across the UK.

Roll-up packaging saves up to 50% material
A new HDPE bottle developed in cooperation with Beiersdorf for its NIVEA brand is good for the environment in a number of ways. Its manufacture requires approximately 50 per cent less material than a comparable standard packaging type. In addition, it can be rolled up much like a tube, allowing it to be completely emptied.