Plastic Bottles Packaging News

COPCO creates full range of hand sanitizer bottles
COPCO Packaging
Specializing in the skincare and personal care markets, COPCO has responded to the rise of COVID-19 around the world by quickly launching a full range of hand sanitizer bottles. Featuring multiple shapes, sizes, and closure/dispensing options, the range of hand sanitizer options is complete and ready to ship.
Available immediately: KBL's travel size packaging
KBL Cosmetics

KBL currently has a number of travel size packaging options from stock that are available immediately. These travel size options also fit easily into a handbag or day bag, making them perfect for hand sanitizers, soaps, creams, perfumes and other sprayable products.

Small size, big personality

Induplast company, Verve, has launched Edge, Smooth and Heritage, 100 ml PE bottles with funky, original designs that make travel-size products fun. These pocket-size formats are an excellent solution for on-the-go cosmetics: they are practical to use and fit comfortably into bags or pockets.

Don't Underestimate Plastic Made from Different Materials
Shunlong Sprayer
At present, PET plastic bottles occupy the majority of the plastic bottle packaging market. PET plastic bottles certainly have many benefits, one being their recyclability, which is critical right now when everyone is focused on sustainability. But we shouldn't underestimate other plastic materials when selecting the best possible packaging. SL Sprayer outlines the advantages of other materials like PE, PVC, and PS what packs they are best suited for.
Stylish airless bottle from Korea

Illupack offers a number of airless bottles for cosmetic brands and its ILLU15011 airless bottle has been designed with a number of high-end touches for a more luxurious look.

500ml HDPE Bottle – Available Now
Robinson Packaging

Robinson UK is delighted to announce that from the start of May we will be adding a 'Boston Round' 500ml HDPE bottle to our standards portfolio. The bottle is suitable for hand sanitiser with a wide range of caps, pumps and dispensers, including our own flip-top closures and simple refill cap.

BONA Pharma’s disinfection topical spray pump for 100ml PET Bottle
Bona Pharma

With the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic spreading, the World Health Organization is telling people to stay at home, wash hands frequently, and disinfect continuously. In order to help people stay stafe, BONA has launched a multi-volume liquid PET bottle with topical spray pump ideal for disinfection. Although these are difficult times, BONA wants everyone to be strong, stay safe, and act accordingly now in order to reduce the spread of the virus.

Infusion Bottle
Toly is introducing the 30ml infusion bottle, which follows the trend of natural raw beauty allowing brands to mix formula with real fresh ingredients such as petals or tea leaves.
Airopack Achieves BRC Certification for Manufacturing Facility

Airopack has achieved and received BRC Certification for their manufacturing facility in Waalwijk, The Netherlands. The BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials is the first packaging standard in the world to be recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GSFI) benchmarking committee.