Plastic Bottles Packaging News

Stylish airless bottle from Korea
Illupack offers a number of airless bottles for cosmetic brands and its ILLU15011 airless bottle has been designed with a number of high-end touches for a more luxurious look.
500ml HDPE Bottle – Available Now
Robinson Packaging

Robinson UK is delighted to announce that from the start of May we will be adding a 'Boston Round' 500ml HDPE bottle to our standards portfolio. The bottle is suitable for hand sanitiser with a wide range of caps, pumps and dispensers, including our own flip-top closures and simple refill cap.

Airless bottles available immediately during COVID-19
APackaging Group
If your brand is running out of inventory and needs more plastic bottles quickly, APackaging has the solution to package hand soaps and hand sanitizers. With the current increased demand for products to help combat the spread of the coronavirus, relevant packaging components are also needed in high volumes. Count on APackaging to supply their airless plastic bottles and to do it quickly, as they have already have inventory in stock.
BONA Pharma’s disinfection topical spray pump for 100ml PET Bottle
Bona Pharma
With the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic spreading, the World Health Organization is telling people to stay at home, wash hands frequently, and disinfect continuously. In order to help people stay stafe, BONA has launched a multi-volume liquid PET bottle with topical spray pump ideal for disinfection. Although these are difficult times, BONA wants everyone to be strong, stay safe, and act accordingly now in order to reduce the spread of the virus.
Protect and prevent illness with custom made and branded Hand Soaps and Sanitizers
KBL Cosmetics

Now more than ever we must protect ourselves from illness and viruses by using preventative measures. Using hand soap and washing hands frequently is key, but hand sanitizers are also useful in reducing the spread of illness, especially on the go. That’s why KBL Cosmetics is dedicated to helping consumers by producing formulated soaps and sanitizers, which can be custom made and branded for any company. Capable of creating and branding any capacity of hand soaps and sanitizers, KBL Cosmetics not only supplies the formulas, but provides the packaging as well.

Infusion Bottle
Toly is introducing the 30ml infusion bottle, which follows the trend of natural raw beauty allowing brands to mix formula with real fresh ingredients such as petals or tea leaves.
TRESemme's hottest new hair product for 2020 will launch in Airopack bottle
The latest Airopack launch with Unilever, the TRESemme Pro Pure Invisible Styler, was named one of the Top 27 Hottest Hair Products launching in 2020 by Airopack’s sustainability advantage over standard aerosol, our “pure product” delivery, and our any-angle continuous spray are just a few of the reasons Airopack is part of this TRESemme launch.
Introducing a world-first: A Coke bottle made with plastic from the sea
Coca-Cola is unveiling the first ever sample bottle made using recovered and recycled marine plastics, demonstrating that, one day, even ocean debris could be used in recycled packaging for food or drinks. This sample is the first ever plastic bottle made using marine litter that has been successfully recycled and reused in food and drink packaging.
COPCO's powder bottles

COPCO's powder bottles are great bottles for baby powder products. Comprising a flexible HDPE bottle, with a convenient flip cap, and a secure snap-on neck, there are 2 styles available.