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Plastic Bottles Packaging News

Mosaic Overmolding for Cosmetic Packaging
By using innovative overmolding techniques, your jar, bottle or dropper pack can be taken to the next visual level, incorporating imaginative patterns to capture the market's attention.  See the cracked mosaic style for cosmetic containers, drawing on classical craft to elevate your brand image and create an artistic piece to accompany your formula.
Color Ring Series For a Signature Touch
The Color Ring Series sees flat shoulder bottles and jars manufactured in PP and PETG, featuring a cool splash of color on the flat base of the shoulder. The line includes pump bottles, jars and dropper packs, where the signature touch of color can be echoed on the dropper button and the dispensing orifice of the pumps.
Discover the AGR Series: Luxe Packaging with Maximum Eco-Friendliness

Introducing a unique, refillable, and sustainable solution designed to meet the highest standards of eco-friendly design and functionality. Our patented glass airless bottle system, featuring a non-metal ECO pump, offers a truly luxurious experience perfectly complemented by our ALL-PP components. It is available in 15ml, 20ml, 30ml, and 50ml sizes, with the option to exchange the outer glass bottle for a plastic bottle composed of PP.

PET Refillable Airless Toothpaste Bottle
UKPACK Packaging

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this 30ml masterpiece seamlessly integrates sustainability and functionality. Embrace the future of oral care packaging with our refillable PET material, eliminating the need for single-use tubes and revolutionizing the consumer experience.

The Cora Skincare Refillable Applicator
Meet Cora, Toly's refillable and recyclable skincare applicator. The package comes with a soft applicator for a soothing massage, ideal for various formulations including eye serums and more. Outer body is crafted from PETG, inner bottle is made out of the recyclable material, PP, housing a gentle LDPE piston.
Flairosol: The Sprayer that Fits Right Into Your Hand
AFA Dispensing
Designed to seamlessly fit into your hand, Flairosol offers ergonomic functionality, providing users with pure comfort and convenience. With an effortless trigger pump design, finger fatigue is a thing of the past, ensuring your consumers enjoy a gentle, continuous mist spray with ease.
Liquid Manufacturing Solutions – A Refreshed Look to Evoke Joy®
Altium Packaging

Joy® has been a household name in dishwashing liquid detergent since 1949. Liquid Manufacturing Solutions (LMS) approached Studio PKG with minor adjustments planned across three bottle sizes from 11oz to 90oz. Recognizing brand disconnects, the Studio PKG team encouraged LMS to revamp the bottles’ visual language to align with the Joy Brand. The outcome is a cohesive line of bottles, preserving a unified family appearance and effectively conveying the joyful essence of the product’s branding.

The Role of Foamer Pump Solutions in the Evolution of Packaging for Liquid Soaps and Cleansers
In the dynamic world of liquid soaps and cleansers, packaging innovation is not just about aesthetics but also functionality. A significant advancement in this area has been the development of foamer pump solutions. These pumps dispense soap in a rich, creamy foam, reducing the need for water and the amount of product used per wash. As environmental concerns and user convenience drive changes in packaging, foamer pumps are becoming increasingly popular in both household and commercial settings.
MessFree Dropper Bottle
SR Packaging

SR Packaging's (SRP) MessFree Dropper Bottle looks like a syringe but offers a much cleaner and more elegant usage for skin care treatments. Designed for repeated or daily usage, the MessFree Dropper bottle is easy to hold and can be used single-handedly.

World's Promo: Sleek Sustainability with the ROMA Airless PET
For a high-end look with high sustainability, see the TUA30-ROMA PET, an essential item of Glaspray's airless skincare packaging line. Patented in both utility and design, it is airless, mono-material, all plastic, glue-free and refillable with a pure pathway, meeting all the current market needs.
Premium cosmetic skincare packaging
Epopack's FD series of thick wall PET bottles are perfect for premium cosmetic skincare lines. The set comprises 3 luxurious-looking round bottles with gently curved shoulders that look just like glass.
Airless Deodorant Stick Container for Solid Formulations

Now your solid formulation can benefit from extra protection with consumers enjoying a better-preserved product. Created with an additional silicone ring for sealing and good airtightness, the 1002F package has gone through vigorous testing, achieving vacuum testing of 0.03mpa. This is further supported by the inner mechanism that pulls the product up or down before and after use, assuming the best position.

50g wine bottle cuts carbon emissions by 50%
Safe, affordable, and sustainable: plastic packaging specialist ALPLA is launching a recyclable wine bottle made of PET. The bottle weighs approximately only an eighth of a glass bottle, reduces the carbon footprint by up to 50 per cent and allows for price savings of up to 30 per cent.
Airless Pack with Sustainable Twist: The All-Out Bottle
NF Beauty Group
Combining two eco-friendly materials of glass and PP, this airless solution gives advanced protection while still being widely recyclable. In addition, the refillable design works to reduce the carbon footprint and gives consumers a more cost-effective option for replenishment.  The outer bottle made of glass offers a keepsake bottle with various decoration opportunities and luxurious tactility. The inner PP bottle allows for compatibility with a wide range of products.
The Premium Airless Collection at BlueSky

BlueSky's premium Airless Collection offers both style and functionality, ideal for formulations needing enhanced protection. The packaging safeguards against oxidation, and the clear aspect of the bottle design accentuates the product inside - allowing your formulation to take center stage.