Plastic Bottles Packaging News

Aptar Beauty Wins Two New Awards for Future Pump
Aptar Beauty
Future, Aptar’s fully recyclable, mono-material lotion pump won two awards: the Worldstar 2023 in the Packaging Materials and Components category and the PCD Innovation Award in the Premium Skincare Category for Aptar Beauty’s collaboration with Dermalogica.
KKP Fruit Extract Series: Intense Essence

Plant extraction has always been the promotional focus for skin care products due to the many benefits it poses to end-users. For this Fruit Extract Series, KKP supports this natural movement by creating ranges to match the corresponding fruit extract, bringing your product to life with quintessential colors and shapes.

The Award-Winning 100% PP Mono Airless Range
Taesung’s award-winning 100% PP Mono Airless range is reliable, eco-friendly and versatile, coming in 6 sizes ranging from 30ml to 120ml, in 3 different styles. The range is the world's first PP mono-material airless to pass the 600mmHg leakage test and to dispense a 0.5cc dosage.
COPCO's 35ml PET bottle is small yet mighty
COPCO Packaging
With its handy 77mm height, COPCO's thick wall 35ml PET bottle fits comfortably in the palm of the hand, yet packs a visual punch. This cosmetic bottle is absolutely perfect for serum or light, creamy facial treatments as well as premium cosmetic and skincare formulations.
Premium Pack’s Sustainable Mono-Material Tubes
Premium Pack Ltd.

One of the most recent additions to Premium Pack’s sustainable product range is The Monomaterial Tubes, which can be produced in 100% PP and 100% HPDE, both of which can be widely recyclable. Or, as an even further step towards sustainability, the tubes and caps can be produced in various PE-PCR blends depending on individual needs.

Refillable Ranges at Lombardi

Lombardi Design and Manufacturing provides the cosmetic and personal care market with a wide range of refillable solutions including Airless Packs, Jars and even Lipsticks. Refillable options are in high demand as a sustainable solution, as it saves overall cost and impact on the environment.

Airless Pump Bottles
At BlueSky we supply airless pump packaging, ideal for a range of applications for skincare, hair care and styling, personal care, beauty, topical health care and pharmaceutical products. You can communicate luxury with airless packaging and there’s a wide choice of sizes, pumps and finishes to choose from.
Precise dosing made easy
Greiner Packaging

Greiner Packaging’s squeeze bottle works like a concertina and guarantees high visibility at the point of sale – and beyond. Its unusual shape positively encourages squeezing, while the pleated design provides a fun factor for consumers.

Foamers at UKPACK
UKPACK Packaging
UKPACK offers matching foam bottles in a range from 50 to 650 ml. These foam bottles are produced from PET ,PETG or HDPE and fit the foam pumps perfectly. The PET foam bottles have a shiny and smooth appearance. As the neck is part of the injected preform this guarantees very narrow tolerances and therefore a guaranteed leak-free solution. The HDPE foam bottles have a more pharmaceutical appearance and can easily be produced in small quantities from 10,000 pieces in any one colour.
Frapak's bottle made from 100% recyled plastic from the oceans
Frapak Packaging

Frapak France SAS, part of the Frapak Packaging Group, has long been partners with Laboratoire SVR. Their most recent project sees a modern stylish design successfully completed using eco-friendly materials. The sustainable packaging solution is comprised of 'Ocean Waste', the material that has been collected by the Waste Free Oceans Foundation.  

For AB Plast Innovation + Sustainability = Innovativeness
AB Plast
Always thinking of contributing to the environment, AB Plast has a series of actions that reduce the environmental impact, such as the reduction of solid waste sent to landfill, the increase in the recycling rate, the use of rainwater and the reduction of energy consumption.
Amcor introduces DairySeal™ featuring ClearCor™, a more sustainable packaging line for the ready-to-drink dairy market

mcor Rigid Packaging (ARP) introduces the DairySeal™ line of packaging that features ClearCor™, an advanced polyethylene terephthalate (PET) barrier. With the introduction of DairySeal, the exploding nutritional, dairy alternatives, and ready-to-drink (RTD) market will now have a more sustainable packaging option that can be leveraged across all retail channels.