Glass Bottles Packaging News

Environmentally responsible wine bottle options

As a major provider of bottles to the wine industry, our long-term objective is to create effective packaging while reducing its environmental impact and ecological footprint. Some packages reduce overall environmental impact by using 50% recycled materials. Others reduce CO2 emissions by 19% to 29% compared to a standard 20-ounce wine bottle.

A Classic Shape with a Premium Feel

A new, elegant fragrance pack is now part of the Quadpack’s range of classic products. Air Line is an all-European line of rectangular fragrance bottles with a sophisticated feeling given by the quality and origin of its components.

Gerresheimer reduces development time for glass containers

Glass production begins with engineering the mould. The more accurately the moulds are designed and made, the greater the quality of the bottle. A perfect and even distribution of glass is the key to success when it comes to ensuring the robustness and sustainability of these highly sensitive products. Gerresheimer employs innovative simulation software for this purpose.

SR Packaging
While “Sustainability” has recently become a buzzword throughout the cosmetics industry, for Primavera, it’s been the company’s lifestyle for 30 years. Primavera opts to use packaging bottle that contains post-consumer recycled resin for its organic natural product, dedicating a corporate’s responsibility in preserving the environment for future generations.
Aqua Beelicious presented in a precision cosmetic pack with a refreshing image

Apivita's Aqua Beelicious is a new serum rich in super-moisturizing ingredients, offering an explosion of instant and long-lasting hydration and freshness, which comes in a full pack by VIROSPACK. The brand needed a packaging that protected its excellent formula with 98% of natural ingredients, in addition to facilitating the use of the cosmetic with the greatest precision in dispensing and application.

New spirits brand launches first product with unique packaging from Croxsons

Leading glass-packaging company, Croxsons, has helped Monmouthshire-based Silver Circle Distillery launch their first product, Wye Valley Gin, with a distinctive bottle and closure. In looking to develop a vibrant, dynamic spirits brand, the new craft spirits producer was after an impactful primary packaging solution synonymous with the essence of the Wye Valley.

New launch: Babor-Pro
Babor, a German company specialized in professional beauty products, has chosen Premi Beauty Industries for the launch of their brand new line Babor-Pro. Babor chose the 30 ml and 50 ml Pure glass bottles from the P Skincare Collection with the Luxe dropper.
Rawlings invigorates Cotswold Brew Co's beer bottles
Cotswold Brew Co is one of the oldest lager microbreweries in the UK. As part of a rebranding project they asked Rawlings to help re-invigorate their lager bottles. They had a new logo to work with, so the goal was to build on this and create unique packaging that set them apart, reinforcing their new visual identity, to ultimately increase sales.
We Are California Pure
Gallo Glass

We are California's largest single site user of recycled glass, purchasing over 30% of all glass recycled in the State. Nearly 175,000 tons of glass is recycled and diverted from landfills annually. Each Gallo Glass bottle contains up to 50% recycled glass.

Apothecary bottle lends distinctive look to kombucha
Beatson Clark

When Louise Avery was looking for a new bottle for LA Brewery’s range of kombucha fermented teas, she knew she wanted a distinctive design that would really make her teas stand out from the increasing competition. Thanks to glass packaging specialists Rawlings and manufacturer Beatson Clark, LA Brewery’s range of flavoured kombucha teas is now on sale in an eye-catching clear pharmaceutical bottle.

Glopak highlights its decoration services
Glopak USA
Glopak focuses on providing affordable packaging solutions in glass while delivering a high level of customer service. The company serves a wealth of industries through its multiple packaging divisions. Take a look at some of the decoration services available.
Velvet Dreams: Eye-catching glass bottles for better differentiation
The glass Bottle, reflecting a demure fashion is an eye-catching design for better product differentiation. It is the top choice among a subset of premium beauty players who prioritize reusable, recyclable packaging because it is 100% recyclable. Manufacturers are now gravitating towards glass bottles as primary packaging for premium skincare packs, particularly moisturizers in oil and serum format. In addition to eye-catching, stylish glass bottles, GCC PKG offers velvet touch applicators for a luxury touch.