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The beauty of sustainable bottles

Natural beauty is trending. At ESTAL, we have fallen in love with sustainable bottles and natural beauty, and this has resulted in our Prima Collection for Wine.

SGD Pharma launches industry first ready-to-use sterile 100 ml molded glass vials in SG EZ-fill packaging technology
SGD Pharma

Worldwide glass primary packaging supplier SGD Pharma has announced the introduction of its 100H ml Ready-to-Use (RTU) Type I molded glass vials for aseptic fill/finish of parenteral drug products. The addition of 100 ml molded glass vials to the Sterinity platform is pioneering, with SGD Pharma being the first global molded glass manufacturing company to offer this size of solution in the RTU market.

Bormioli Pharma continues to innovate on glass to achieve a better performing and more sustainable product
Bormioli Pharma
On the occasion of the start of the celebrations for the International Year of Glass, currently underway in Geneva, Bormioli Pharma is announcing new research and innovation projects. Through a series of initiatives carried out with an Open Innovation approach, combining internal resources with Research Centers, Universities and start-ups, the company aims at developing better performing and more sustainable glass products.
Droppers provide easy liquid dispensing - not just for pharma!
Neville and More

Well-established in the pharmaceutical industry as an effective liquid dosing device, dropper caps and dropper bottles are also proving themselves to be valuable in other industries too. Neville and More, a well-known primary packaging supplier to the UK market, has an extensive offering of dropper bottles and dropper caps available direct from stock for delivery across the UK.