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Glass Bottles Packaging News

Roll On Packaging for Lip Gloss and Fragrances
Cherng Mei
The M386 Roll On Lip Gloss Bottle gives you the choice of a PETG or glass bottle, each recyclable and with its own benefits. PETG will create a more cost-effective and shatterproof solution, whereas glass will give a more high-end feel and look. Each option is complemented by another sustainable and high-quality material of aluminum, to elevate the overall effect.
Transforming glass into cosmetic packaging art
Bakic Group

We are specialized in glass and glass decoration and have 27 years of experience in this field! There are many reasons why we love glass: Its premium appeal, high quality feel, recyclability, and much more. Glass is 100% endlessly recyclable, never losing strength or purity. That is why almost all of our skincare lines at Bakic Group can be made of PCR glass from local suppliers in Europe!

The Key Trends Influencing Today's Spirits Packaging

At TricorBraun, our insights-driven approach to spirits packaging identifies the packaging features and functionalities that will differentiate your product from the competition. This approach helps to ensure your spirits package creates brand loyalty and drives consumer sales—leading to your long-term success.

LIBO's Premium Glass Range: Luxury Glass Bottle
LIBO Cosmetics
The high-quality LIBO glass bottle with pump dispenser is an elegant container for your chosen product. Ideal for skincare and makeup products such as lotion, serum, foundation, and more!  The glass material creates a pack that is recyclable, reusable, eco-friendly, safe and durable.
Luxury Dropper Bottle: Aluminum Collar and Weighted Bottom

Meet Cosfinity’s CP07-0085 Dropper Pack, ideal for cosmetic liquids and oils. Find extra features within the dropper pack, designed to give your product an added luxurious feel. Using a clear glass bottle, your formula will rest protected inside and glamorized by the light refraction to give an attractive high-end feel to your packaging.

Perfect fragrance packs appeal to the senses
Adequate Packaging

There's much to consider when preparing a complete fragrance pack: It's not just bottles and atomizers! Adequate Packaging ensures that its clientele always has access to complete information in order to envision and create fragrance packaging that consumers will love.

Syringe Droppers by UNICOA: Dropper Innovation
The uniquely designed Syringe Dropper gives your products a professional look, utilizing a more scientific dispensing method by incorporating a syringe mechanism. Its striking syringe feature will give your product an edge on the shelf both for its functionality and its visual impact compared to more conventional dropper packs. The syringe neatly pulls up the formula and accurately dispenses on the target area, ideal for blemishes, under the eyes and fine lines found on the face and neck.
Verallia completes the acquisition of Allied Glass
Verallia, the leading European and the world’s third largest producer of glass containers for food and beverages, has completed today the acquisition of 100% of the capital of Allied Glass. Allied Glass is a leading player in the premium glass packaging market in the United Kingdom.
Glass Airless Pouch Dispenser: Versatile Decoration and A High-End Look
Premium Pack Ltd.

Premium Pack's Glass Airless Pouch Dispenser is a fresh take on airless packaging, by combining high-quality glass bottles with an innovative and visually striking vacuum bag.  This cost-effective and sustainable packaging solution offers many benefits to brands and consumers alike, including airless protection, 360 °  dispensing, increased product usage and a metal-free pathway.

LAB Line: Glass Bottles For Dermo-Cosmetics and Skincare
NEST-FILLER PKG’s latest collection is a range of contemporary glass bottles ideal for the dermo-cosmetic and pharmaceutical cosmetic market. LAB LINE covers wide range of formulas with multiple applicators including a reagent-shaped Pre-Lock Pump, a two-toned PCR PP Angel Ring Dropper and a Non-Metal Pump that provides a metal-free pathway for formulations, preventing unwanted reactions.
Virospack Develops the Ultimate Dropper for Meltdown Acne Oil

Blume's meltdown acne oil is a top-selling formula made from a blend of skin-nourishing oils that fight imperfections, reduce the look of acne scars, and help prevent future breakouts. As every powerful product deserves a powerful presentation, Blume reached out to Virospack to find the perfect pack to take over the market.

Distinctive Designs: Skincare Packaging
The latest Skin Care Series JKP-810 features distinctively shaped bottles which use a tiered graduation and elongated neck to create packs that are futuristic yet reminiscent of classical vials and glass bottles. The remarkable additional tiering not only contributes to a high-end, professional visual but also enhances end-user experience. When applied to personal care body washes and lotions, the bottles are far easier to grip when wet or slippery, due to the natural ledge of the neck.
Aluminum Designs: The Dropper AL Shell
NF Beauty Group
The Dropper AL Shell is comprised of a glass bottle with an aluminum overshell enclosing the majority of the body. The weight and shine from the aluminum overshell on the body of the dropper gives a more luxe feel and look, while also providing a unique way to decorate.
APC Packaging Takes Care of Every Detail

When brands choose in-stock packaging solutions there's always a slight fear of delivering a forgettable product. That's why packaging decoration is such a crucial part during any brand launch development, and it's something APC Packaging holds up to the highest of standards.