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Glass Bottles Packaging News

Luxury Glass Foundation Packaging
Cosfinity offers foundation bottle packaging in numerous styles and includes a glass range with extra individual elegant designs to add a touch of class. Find golden topped caps, frosted metal pink and leaf forms.
Discover the AGR Series: Luxe Packaging with Maximum Eco-Friendliness
Introducing a unique, refillable, and sustainable solution designed to meet the highest standards of eco-friendly design and functionality. Our patented glass airless bottle system, featuring a non-metal ECO pump, offers a truly luxurious experience perfectly complemented by our ALL-PP components. It is available in 15ml, 20ml, 30ml, and 50ml sizes, with the option to exchange the outer glass bottle for a plastic bottle composed of PP.
Miniatures with Maximum Impact
Bozan Pack
Bozan Pack's catalog of glass bottles includes a wide range of solutions perfectly tailored for mini spirits. Whether it's a minimalist design for a premium brand, an elegant shape for a traditional product, or a playful design for a more casual brand, the company's diverse offer of bottles easily aligns with a wide variety of brands and their target audience preferences.
Airless Pack with Sustainable Twist: The All-Out Bottle
NF Beauty Group

Combining two eco-friendly materials of glass and PP, this airless solution gives advanced protection while still being widely recyclable. In addition, the refillable design works to reduce the carbon footprint and gives consumers a more cost-effective option for replenishment.  The outer bottle made of glass offers a keepsake bottle with various decoration opportunities and luxurious tactility. The inner PP bottle allows for compatibility with a wide range of products.

Travel in Style With The Round-Ara
The Round-Ara is the stylish and luxury choice for travel sprays or more compact editions of your product. The sleek metallic outer casing maintains a high-end feel even on the go, accompanied by an inner refillable glass bottle. Under the protective cylindrical container, you'll find a cool tiered pump design with a reliable dosage of 0.13ml. Choose your preferred design with a choice of a small or large to maintain a premium brand feel image wherever the consumer is.
Connect with SMCG May 08 & 09, 2024, at Javits Center in New York City! LUXE PACK 2024!
Don't miss out on the opportunity to connect with SMCG (Somang Glass) May 08- 09, 2024, at Javits Center in New York City on Eleventh Avenue between 34th Street and 38th Street in Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, New York City. Joining over 200 top packaging suppliers worldwide at this year's exhibition, discover SMCGs wide range of innovative glass packaging solutions that will set your consumer products apart and fuel your brand's growth at LUXE PACK 2024.
Luxurious Glass for Beauty Packaging
Asquan Group

Asquan's glass beauty packaging is available in a range of shapes, sizes, and finishes, allowing you to find the perfect packaging solution for your products. From sleek bottles to jars and droppers, other company's versatile options cater to a wide variety of cosmetic formulations.

Meet NEST-FILLER-PKG's LAB Line Range at Cosmopack Bologna
The LAB Line consists of contemporary-styled glass bottles that can be paired with numerous closures depending on your product. Choose from a reagent-shaped Pre-Lock Pump, a two-toned PCR PP Angel Ring Dropper and a Non-Metal Pump that provides a metal-free pathway for formulations, preventing unwanted reactions.
Fragrance Bottle Promotion: 70ml Teno Bottle
Adequate Packaging

As a limited-time promotion, Adequate Packaging is offering its 70ml glass Teno fragrance bottle, reference #FLVM0075. The promotion includes dispatch of the bottles within 2 working days in addition to low minimum orders so that you can get your fragrance to your customers quickly.

2023 at Premium Pack: Innovation Awards and PCR Packaging
Premium Pack Ltd.
Premium Pack reflects over a successful year in 2023, that saw sustainable packaging solutions and high-quality results on daily projects. In addition, the company received impressive accolades from clients and institutions alike with the Glass Airless Dispenser given recognition from the PCD Innovation Awards Birmingham.
Button Type Droppers: For Consumers' Convenience
Among UNICOA's collection of dropper packages, you can find the Button Type Dropper which allows consumers to easily collect and dispense a set amount, all with the simple push of a button. This saves time and improves accuracy when compared to conventional spoid droppers.