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Durable Dispensing Design for E-Commerce Pumps

In today's fast-paced world, e-commerce has become an essential part of our daily lives. Majesty Packaging, a leading packaging solutions provider, has developed a range of dispensing solutions that cater to the increasing demand for e-commerce packaging. These solutions ensure that products are securely packaged and remain intact throughout the shipping process, which enhances consumer satisfaction while contributing to a more sustainable cosmetics industry, i.e., reduced plastic waste.

10 Beauty and Personal Care Trends in eCommerce Set to Shape 2024
APG shares how the beauty and personal care industry has been changing at an incredibly fast rate over the past few years, something that’s been spurred on by the rise of e-commerce. In 2024, customers will shop online more than ever, and brands need to utilize the latest technology to outperform their competitors and grow a loyal customer base.
SealPack: WP's smart concept for roll-on packaging
Weener Plastics

SealPack is Weener Packaging's super-smart roll-on packaging concept designed for deodorant and antiperspirant products that enables maximum flexibility for brands with minimum investment. The pack is designed not only to offer a superior customer user experience but also to fulfil many sustainability objectives.

Go Into E-Commerce With TKPC's E Pump Range

Tackling the very complex world of online sales, TKPC's E Pump range was carefully designed to be an e-commerce first choice. With a clockwise opening lock mechanism, the pumps ensure no product is wasted or spilled during transportation.

Click, Fold, Unbox: Smart Solutions for E-Commerce
Rieke Packaging
As online shopping continues to shape consumer behavior, businesses are reevaluating traditional packaging approaches to address the unique challenges posed by e-commerce. Recognizing the crucial role packaging plays in the success of e-commerce sales, Rieke has been developing solutions that satisfy these needs.
7 Packaging Tips for the E-Commerce Industry
MRP Solutions
The e-commerce industry is growing, and growing fast. That’s why you need to put packaging at the forefront of your business if you want to succeed in e-commerce. To help you out, the experts at MRP Solutions put together the top seven packaging tips and tricks to help you succeed in the world of e-commerce.
Chicago welcomes Giflor's Italian style

Giflor continues to strengthen its presence in the North American market. The Italian closures company will be highlighting its iconic, innovative and award-winning solutions at booth H1513 of PLMA taking place in Chicago on 13-14 November.

Berry Agile Solutions to debut in London
Berry Global
This year’s London Packaging Week will mark the debut of Berry Agile Solutions, a new pan-European operation that offers both short lead times and low minimum order quantities, including multi-product orders, to provide customers of all sizes with fast access to one of the widest ranges of high-quality packaging solutions.
Canetta living wines: four colours of excitement
With a clever eye for some of the hottest trends in the beverage sector, pioneering French start-up Canetta is adding a cutting-edge ‘fourth colour’, orange wine, to its range of wines – and packing the whole lot exclusively in the trailblazing 187ml Wine Can from Ardagh Metal Packaging.
AFA Dispensing Sets New Standard for PCR Content in Trigger Sprayers
AFA Dispensing
AFA Dispensing is again setting standards in terms of the percentage of recycled plastic used in trigger sprayers. The firm recently launched the OpUs Verte+ trigger sprayer, made with 67% Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) resin, a breakthrough that makes it the most sustainable OpUs ever - even without an additional price premium!
100% PE Recyclable Disc Top

BlueSky can offer the brand new mono-polymer 24/410 disc top from Aptar, the latest addition to Aptar’s Future family. This lockable disc top is 100% PE and suitable for PE and PET bottles, ensuring a fully recyclable pack. It’s 100% recyclable, easy to use, showerproof, has a premium aesthetic—and it’s been designed with the environment in mind! It has an on/off locking system making it ideal for E-commerce. There is a visible on/off ring that creates a double-click sound (no fixture unscrewing; no actuator opening; no breakage or disassembly).

The Packaging Industry in Transition - The Box b.v. @ Fachpack
The Box b.v.
This year's show's theme focused on sustainability, circular packaging, e-commerce, and packaging hygiene in response to the COVID-19 virus and variations. The Box b.v. featured the most beautiful packaging at the show, thanks to the team of specialists who are unsatisfied until they have created stunning results