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Recycling Packaging News

Transforming glass into cosmetic packaging art
Bakic Group

We are specialized in glass and glass decoration and have 27 years of experience in this field! There are many reasons why we love glass: Its premium appeal, high quality feel, recyclability, and much more. Glass is 100% endlessly recyclable, never losing strength or purity. That is why almost all of our skincare lines at Bakic Group can be made of PCR glass from local suppliers in Europe!

Berry Global Receives Official Recognition for Achieving Zero Waste to Landfill at its Steinfeld Site
Berry Global

Berry Global’s manufacturing plant in Steinfeld, Germany has achieved Valpak’s Zero Waste-to-Landfill accreditation, demonstrating the advantages of continuous operational improvements and on-site recycling capabilities. Steinfeld is now the third of Berry’s European flexible films plants to achieve this recognition, alongside the facilities at Rhymney and Heanor in the United Kingdom.

SHP New Launch: The Mono PP Jar
SHP's new launch is the Mono PP Jar. Using mono PP material in cosmetic packaging contributes to sustainability efforts by energy and water saving, and also contributes to carbon emissions. Also, mono pp material will be easily recycled. The pack is cost-effective, with reduced plastic and airtight chemical resistance.
Member of the European Parliament Dr. Peter Liese visits MENSHEN
CDU MEP Dr. Peter Liese from Olsberg recently visited the medium-sized closure specialist Georg MENSHEN in Finnentrop. Liese discussed the challenges of existing and upcoming EU-wide packaging legislation with the MENSHEN management team and representatives of the Plastics Packaging Industry Association.
APG Recyclabilty Recognitions

The Infinity line has been recognized with several awards, including the US Plastics Pact Sustainability finalist lotion pump and the BeautyMatters Next Awards' Best Breakthrough Packaging Supplier Finalist airless bottle.

All Plastic Mono Material PP Stick Container

Sun-Rain presents its latest sustainable solution, the 1002, an eco-friendly mono-material twist-up cylindrical deodorant stick container. Every element of the pack including the cap and internal mechanisms has been achieved using recyclable PP plastic, simplifying the recycling process for consumers.

Monomaterial Roll On Bottles at KAJ
KAJ Sp. z o.o.
Our company regularly implements new ways to protect the environment while producing high-quality packaging for partners around the world. Nowadays, plastics dominate the entire packaging industry. It has become the dominant material from which we produce not only packaging but also the products themselves.
James Cropper Closes the Loop on Cupcycling Technology

James Cropper, pioneer of the world’s first technology to upcycle used coffee cups, can now recycle both the waste plastic as well as the paper from each disposable cup. The news comes as James Cropper bolsters its own sustainable credentials by reducing the amount of packing material used by the business.

Environmentally-Conscious Food Packaging Solutions for Pet Owners
Trivium Packaging

The pet food sector has been proactively working towards minimizing its environmental footprint to align with the evolving demands of consumers. Brands like Petcura's Doothie, a liquid dog food supplement, lead the way when it comes to sustainable packaging. By opting for Trivium's easy-open end can, Doothie can take advantage of metal's infinite recycling capability while preserving its nutritional value for longer.

Choosing Wood Over Plastic Goes Beyond Environmental Impact
Plastic is a very present material in our daily lives, but its impact on the environment is undeniable. It takes around 500 years to decompose, pollutes rivers and oceans, and generates large amounts of CO2 that contribute to climate change. It is time to consider greener alternatives.
Embracing PCR Aluminum: A Greener Future for Packaging
Condensa explores the key advantages of using PCR aluminum. In the pursuit of a sustainable and eco-friendly future, businesses are increasingly turning to PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) aluminum packaging as a promising solution. While using standard aluminum already contributes significantly to sustainable efforts, PCR aluminum offers additional benefits that propel us further towards a greener tomorrow.
Sustainability at Enviro-Cap
Enviro-Cap strives to run a sustainable business, in addition to providing eco-friendly packaging solutions for brands. Enviro-Cap ensures its product waste is segregated and recycled to minimize the ecological footprint and across our waste streams we currently achieve 100% recycling rates for cardboard, tin, aluminum, scrap metal, wood, and wadding.
Sustainability Range: 100% PP Mono Dip Tube and Blow Bottle

The TPB-001 range of 100% PP Mono Dip Tube and Blow Bottles presents an advanced sustainability solution whereby no elastomer or PE has been used in order to achieve the highest level of recycling. The entire pack is mono-material, including the dip tube pump meaning end users can recycle the entire pack without the need to separate individual components.