Recycling Packaging News

Making unimpeachable sustainability claims reassures customers and consumers
EcoTensil set out to ensure that it could legitimately make a range of claims around the product’s environmental sustainability criteria, including Single Use Plastics Directive (SUPD) compliance. EcoTensil founder and CEO Peggy Cross talks about the importance of making unimpeachable sustainability claims to reassure customers and consumers.
Karlo Spoon wins European carton excellence award 2021
Cardbox Packaging
Cardbox Packaging has been recognized by the organizers of European Carton Excellence Award and earned Innovations Award 2021 with Karlo Spoon. It is already the second hit of Cardbox Packaging in the competition. The previous year Cuckoo Ice Cream won in the same category. With this recognition, the company can enter Worldstar Packaging Awards 2022.
Acti Pack Awarded MORE 2021 Label
Acti Pack
For the 3rd consecutive year, Acti Pack has been awarded the MORE 2021 label. This is the first European label to value the action of the European plastics converters towards a more circular economy through the use of recycled raw materials in production.
Go green with COPCO’s PCR packaging
COPCO Packaging

After years of development, COPCO is capable of supplying PCR packaging in full sets with the utmost PCR content percentage. Simultaneously we are able to provide many of our lotion pumps and mist sprayers made from PCR.