Recycling Packaging News

Acti Pack makes sustainability easy with 50% PCR Bottles
Acti Pack
Acti Pack is continuously developing new products and updating their existing product lines to better fit their customer’s needs. Consumers and suppliers alike are more and more interested in PCR plastic and other more sustainable options- Acti Pack listened and delivered!
Recycling is made easier

The littlest things can make the biggest difference when it comes to being able to recycle a product following the end of its useful life as packaging. That's why IIC Packaging offers digital watermarks for its food packaging.

Launch of bio-based ice cream plastic cups made from Certified Renewable Polypropylene
MPG Manifattura Plastica S.p.A., TotalEnergies and Froneri join forces to develop a sustainable food packaging made from Certified Renewable Polypropylene. The multinational ice cream manufacturer Froneri - Joint Venture between Nestlé and R&R Ice Cream - has placed an order with MPG Manifattura Plastica S.p.A for 100 million plastic cups made from TotalEnergies Certified Renewable Polypropylene for their iconic brand Coppa del Nonno.
The future has arrived at Aptar's LIVE 3D Booth

Aptar Beauty + Home are paving the way for a more sustainable future. Their focus on sustainable and consumer-friendly beauty and personal care solutions are on display in their 3D Webpackaging LIVE Booth. Buyers from around the world can visit their booth and see some of Aptar’s innovative products up close- without wasting time in airports.