Recycling Packaging News

Quadpack and Sulapac join forces for sustainable cosmetic packaging
Beauty industries committed to sustainability, we have good news for you! Quadpack has just been named a “Preferred Cosmetic Partner” by Sulapac, a pioneer in development and manufacturing of microplastic-free materials, and will provide truly sustainable packaging for cosmetic customers worldwide.
Giflor's 100% PCR closures

Giflor’s environmentally conscious Post Consumer Resin collection revolves around the use of “recycled” materials. This highly innovative and eco-friendly PCR closure collection responds to the growing demand for a circular economy and helps brands improve their sustainability credentials with 100% green packaging solutions.

Environmentally responsible wine bottle options
As a major provider of bottles to the wine industry, our long-term objective is to create effective packaging while reducing its environmental impact and ecological footprint. Some packages reduce overall environmental impact by using 50% recycled materials. Others reduce CO2 emissions by 19% to 29% compared to a standard 20-ounce wine bottle.
Where sustainability Is standard: Aptar Beauty + Home, North America, announces significant launch of Post-Consumer Recycled Resin implementation for stock product solutions

In an effort to support a circular economy, Aptar Beauty + Home, a leader in dispensing and packaging solutions for the consumer packaged goods industry, is converting its locally-produced stock black closure portfolio to PCR. This launch deepens the corporate commitment to create reusable, recyclable, recycled or mono-material product solutions that meet the high level of quality expected by the industry.

ALPLA moves into HDPE recycling

ALPLA, the global manufacturer of plastic packaging solutions, is further expanding its recycling activities – it is moving into polyolefin recycling with its acquisition of two companies based in Spain. With two of its own PET recycling plants in Austria and Poland, and joint ventures in Mexico and Germany, ALPLA has long been an established partner in the field of PET recycling

Carl, a dual spray actuator for optimal freshness in shoes
Weener Plastics
Need to freshen up shoes after intensive activity? Weener Plastics (WP) has developed Carl, a smart shoe deo spray concept with two sprays circulating in opposite directions. In addition, Carl is a very sustainable solution. It has been especially designed to be produced from Post Consumer Recycled polypropylene.
Tethered closure designs meet EU requirements
Berry Bramlage

Berry Bramlage has unveiled a range of new closure designs that meet forthcoming EU single use plastic legislation. The solutions involve additional strands or tabs on the tamper-evident band that keep the closure attached after opening and enable easy reclosing of the bottle.

How is plastic processed for re-use as PCR plastic packaging?
SR Packaging

Within the recycling process, SR Packaging occupies a role of optimizing post-consumer recycled resin for plastic packaging production, re-using plastic for beauty products and personal care items. The process of post-consumer recycled resin have been audited and met the required standards for certification under the EuCertPlast Scheme for European Plastic Recyclers.