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Recycling Packaging News

100% PCR PET packaging
In today's era of environmental consciousness and sustainable practices, the choice of packaging materials plays a crucial role in shaping a greener future. At Epopack we are experienced in the use of PCR PET as we have been continually dedicated to developing 100% PCR PET packaging options since 2009.
An Ergonomic Sustainable Refill
Manjushree India
Manjushree has been updating its product portfolio to make its products more sustainable in the long term. The Doy Pack Sustainable Refill is a prime example of how plastic packaging can be enhanced for sustainability.
Clean and sustainable approach to balm products: Mono PP Refillable Grinder

With our Refillable Grinder, you can grind the balm onto the palette effortlessly by turning the dial. The precise grinding system helps you accurately dispense the required amount. It maintains the purity of the product until the very end by limiting your interaction to the unused contents. Furthermore, by utilizing a thin narrow blade slit to dispense the product, this grinder jar prevents the exposure of its contents to outside air and effectively preserves the formula from deteriorating.

Condensa’s Versatility in Aerosol Fragrance Packaging
Condensa Aluminum Perfumery Bottles are highly reliable containers that are widely used in the cosmetics, skincare, and perfume industry. These bottles come with 20mm openings, making them ideal for storing a variety of fragrances. Robust construction and sleek design make the packaging a preferred choice among manufacturers and consumers alike.
Trivium Expands its Aluminum Bottle Offering with Two New Sizes
Trivium Packaging
Trivium Packaging is pleased to announce the release of its latest product offerings, including the 2-ounce (60 ml) and 1-liter Aluminium Bottles. These new sizes are now available and are part of Trivium's wide range of recyclable packaging formats. Metal packaging is renowned for its unique advantages and is among the most recycled materials on the planet.
Embrace diversity in your beauty routine
SR Packaging

The MARU Airless is a cylindrical collection of bottles manufactured by SR Packaging as part of its popular EBM Airless Bottle ranges. The classically styled bottles are offered in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml capacities and their sustainability credentials make them a popular choice with both consumers and brands.

Refill, Airless and Ocean Bound Plastic at Cosmopack
Certina Packaging
HK COSMETIC PACKAGING prepares to join Cosmopack Bologna on March 21st to the 23rd 2024. Along with the team, you'll get the chance to see the latest packaging innovations including sustainable solutions at Hall 15A Booth A/1. Among the showcased items: Even more new standard products, new to the program: Airless Packaging, refillable packs as solutions for sustainability and the use of Oceanbound material as another Green Line solution
When Less is More: Meet Viva's Mini Sticks
Sometimes size does matter. When your formulation demands a 14-15.5g hot pour fill, you need a Viva MINI STICK. Proudly made in North America, these roll-up Mini Sticks are the best choice for makeup, skin treatments, sunscreen, and body care products.
Choose Responsible Beauty With Faca Packaging
Faca Packaging

Indulge your senses without compromising your carbon footprint with Faca Packaging's exquisite mono-material T78 50ml cosmetic jar. Its compact size is perfect for storing small quantities of creams, lip balms, eyeshadows, or other precious products.

Fully Recyclable & Eco-friendly Mist Pump
Majesty Packaging Systems presents the All Plastic Mist Pump, a cutting-edge product that is ideal for use in sunscreen, hair spray, and air freshener applications. The mist spray dosage of Majesty's All Plastic Mist Pump is 0.7ml, and the neck dimensions are 24/410. If you want to learn more about this innovative product and its wide range of applications, don't hesitate to contact Majesty Packaging Systems today.
How Can You Drive Down Waste From Your Beauty Packaging?

The beauty industry has often been associated with excessive packaging and an abundance of single-use plastics that have had a big impact on the environment. However, there is a growing awareness of sustainability issues amongst brands and consumers that has brought in a shift toward more eco-friendly practices in the industry – particularly in the realm of beauty packaging.