Recycling Packaging News

Irplast joins Sabic’s Trucircle Initiative by launching circular LOOPP and renewable NOPP film to create sustainable flexible packaging

IRPLAST S.p.A., a prominent global producer of simultaneously bi-oriented BOPP film, for manufacturing of printed adhesive tapes, wrap­around labels for the food, beverage dairy, personal & home care markets and also for multi-pack solutions, has selected certified circular and certified renewable SABIC PP polymers from SABIC’s TRUCIRCLE portfolio for its new S-BOPP film solutions.

Invisible codes on packaging to boost recycling
Innovative packaging design, improved recycling infrastructure and consumers playing their part at the point of disposal are all necessary to achieve the circular system we all agree is needed. That’s why global companies, retailers, and others – including Amcor – have been coming together to find answers that address the challenge across the value chain.
CBX Spoon from Cardbox Packaging wins at OBAL ROKU 2020
Cardbox Packaging
Cardbox Packaging is introducing the CBX Spoon, which recently received an award at the Czech national packaging competition OBAL ROKU 2020 in the category of Food Packaging. and we are happy to share the news with you. Their cardboard spoon is fully recyclable, and thus helps to reduce the worldwide use of plastics. It is the alternative solution to disposable plastic cutlery being banned in EU from 2021-2022.
COPCO creates full range of hand sanitizer bottles
COPCO Packaging

Specializing in the skincare and personal care markets, COPCO has responded to the rise of COVID-19 around the world by quickly launching a full range of hand sanitizer bottles. Featuring multiple shapes, sizes, and closure/dispensing options, the range of hand sanitizer options is complete and ready to ship.

Pregis introduces AirSpeed Ascent, next generation, high-pressure air cushioning system

Pregis, a leading manufacturer of protective packaging, is introducing the AirSpeed Ascent high-pressure air cushioning system. Smart logic recognizes and calibrates the optimal system settings as each roll of film is loaded onto the Ascent. This “load and go” efficiency makes machine operation simple because no adjustments are required, eliminating human error.

Albéa and Henkel take the famed Toothpaste Tube to the next level
Albéa and beauty care giant Henkel have taken a stand to avoid plastic waste. Henkel will convert its entire Oral Care portfolio to fully recyclable tubes produced by Albéa. The transition, to be concluded across all oral care brands beginning of next year, will be pioneered by the Spanish toothpaste brand Licor del Polo.
A solution for every need
At induPlast, we have over 500 products in our catalogue including sticks, roll-ons, lip sticks, jars, make-up containers and rigid tubes that represent the perfect synthesis between advanced technology, research of materials and design.
Giflor's new products focus on sustainability

Giflor Closure Technologies, an international leader in the production of plastic closure systems for over 40 years, has a set a new goal for this year. Despite all of the global challenges 2020 has brought, Giflor has decided to further its efforts from an environmental point of view. The company slogan, "2020: two times green" testifies that this will be a decisive year for sustainability, a challenge that Giflor has been at the forefront of for some years now and wishes to continue improving upon. See how their latest products get greener.

Clariant ColorWorks applies IR-detectable black technology to make other dark colors more recyclable
Clariant continues to develop new technology to improve the recyclability of plastics while offering packaging and product developers more color options. The latest development is a range of deep, dark colors that normally would have required the use of carbon black pigments that makes them undetectable by the near-infrared (NIR) sensors used in automated polymer sorting systems at recycling centers.
A new life – recycled plastics go premium labels
CCL Label

CCL Labels offers innovative decoration solutions enabling brands to achieve their sustainability goals – with recycled content. CCL Label is constantly working on new label constructions that help reduce the environmental impact of their customers’ products while maintaining the brand identity and premium appearance.