Recycling Packaging News

Giflor's Carbon Black Free resin enables recycling
Black plastic packaging poses a great challenge for the recycling process because the presence of carbon black does not allow the correct sorting of black parts at recycling facilities. Giflor’s Carbon Black Free (CBF) resin is the latest response to this challenging issue.
Smurfit Kappa combines expertise with Mitsubishi HiTec Paper to create innovative food packaging
Smurfit Kappa

As part of its ongoing Better Planet Packaging initiative, Smurfit Kappa has collaborated with one of its partners, Mitsubishi HiTec Paper, to create a new type of innovative and recyclable food-safe packaging. A combination of Smurfit Kappa’s expertise in paper-based packaging and Mitsubishi HiTec Paper’s strength in coated papers has led to the first product in the new range being shortlisted as a finalist in the Swiss Packaging Awards.

Silgan Dispensing introduces expanded PCR portfolio

Silgan Dispensing has released three additional solutions to its suite of post-consumer recycled products and introduced an industry-leading color library of more than 80 options. PCR offers exciting new possibilities to reduce waste and energy use while still achieving the highest levels of performance.

New tub is clearly good for recycling
The switch from black to semi-clear plastic for a cake tub has had a significant impact on the pack’s sustainability profile. Thanks to the change, the 1080ml tub manufactured by Berry Superfos, for a range of cakes produced by Park Cakes for leading food retailer M&S can now be described as ‘widely recyclable’ in the UK.
High performance PETG dropper assemblies from Rayuen Packaging
Rayuen Packaging

A high performance PETG dropper is the latest product to be incorporated into Rayuen Packaging's selection of stylish beauty and cosmeceutical packaging concepts. The new dropper benefits a 13/415 neck ensuring its compatibility with glass vials and bottles, for targetted dispensing of serums and face oils, and can be customized for a unique finish.

Star Drop: Aptar redefines foundation

Aptar Beauty + Home, world leader in the fragrance and cosmetics dispensing solution sector (sprays, aerosols, pump bottles, etc.), is now revolutionising foundation packaging with Star Drop, the only packaging dispenser on the market with a valve that delivers a highly-accurate dose.

AMARI, the streamline, refillable PCR Airless Bottle for gender-neutral skincare solutions
SR Packaging
The updated version of PCR Airless Bottle, AMARI, is one of a kind, minimalist packaging design. It is built for gender-neutral skincare solutions as the beauty trend had slowly shifted beyond gender differentiation. More and more companies are providing personal care solutions both for men and women based on specific skin conditions. As of today for many, improving self-esteem by using beauty products is no longer a privilege but a daily routine.
Ball Corporation to build new aluminum cups manufacturing plant in Georgia
Ball Corporation
Ball Corporation has announced that it will begin construction on its first dedicated aluminum cups manufacturing facility to serve the growing demand for innovative, sustainable beverage packaging for U.S. customers and consumers. The new aluminum cups manufacturing facility will be adjacent to Ball's existing aluminum beverage can manufacturing plant in Rome, Georgia.
Sustainable Beauty
As part of our Sustainable Beauty initiative, Toly have presented a number of material and design based solutions to the challenge of sustainability.
Neville and More extends range of glass jars
Neville and More
As an alternative to plastic jars, Neville and More has now extended the popular range of Simplicity Glass Jars which are ideal for a range of products in the beauty, health and food markets. Neville and More's Simplicity Glass Jar range now includes 13 different standard sizes, all available from stock.
Radnor Hills spring water hits canned water market
Ardagh Group

Spring water is a delicate, highly regulated and safety-controlled product, which makes quality absolutely non-negotiable for Radnor Hills. Recognising the benefits of the aluminium can – with its long shelf life, 100% recyclability, transport efficiency and leakproof/lightproof qualities – the company worked with Ardagh to bring cans into its packaging portfolio in a way that presents fantastic shelf appeal as well as guaranteeing consistent product quality and safety.

Introducing a world-first: A Coke bottle made with plastic from the sea
Coca-Cola is unveiling the first ever sample bottle made using recovered and recycled marine plastics, demonstrating that, one day, even ocean debris could be used in recycled packaging for food or drinks. This sample is the first ever plastic bottle made using marine litter that has been successfully recycled and reused in food and drink packaging.
Wooden collars add an elegant accent to sprays and disk-top cap
From Autumn 2019, Quadpack launches a striking new accessory for its range of bottles and sprays; an attractive wooden collar that creates instant eco-chic. Wooden collars are a relatively easy add-on for disc-top bottles and sprays, rendering perhaps the most common format in the beauty aisles with a premium touch.
PureCycle Technologies celebrates successful run of groundbreaking plastics recycling technology

PureCycle Technologies has announced that it has successfully completed purified waste carpet from its Feedstock Evaluation Unit (FEU), transforming discarded carpet into clear, odorless, ultra-pure polypropylene (UPRP) resin through its proprietary plastics recycling technology, developed and invented by Procter & Gamble. The successful scaling of the technology unlocks the value for a wide range of waste polypropylene (PP) that can be restored to its original virgin-like condition.