Recycling Packaging News

COPCO’s PCR-PET Packages
COPCO Packaging
Right now most of our current PET containers could be made in rPET with a PCR percentage of up to 100%. In addition to that, a rPET overcap is also available to replace ABS caps which is considered not to be environmentally friendly.
WP launches first 100% recyclable dispensing valve
Weener Plastics

Following extensive research, trials, laboratory tests, and consumer reviews, WP’s Innovation & Development team has created a 100% recyclable valve that offers fully controlled, clean dispensing. WP’s fully recyclable valve is made of a specially developed material. This enables full recycling with polyolefin waste streams – regardless of the bottle material.

Silgan Dispensing’s Mini NEA line provides beauty brands with high-demand airless and atmospheric sample solutions

Silgan Dispensing is launching its Mini NEA line, available in airless and atmospheric versions, offering convenient and compact solutions for uses such as holiday samples, gift sets, travel sets and in-store testers. Based on the trusted, next-generation NEA platform, this pack provides an excellent evacuation rate and ultra-smooth actuation.

Innovative solutions for a circular economy: Successful recycling of printed plastic films and processing of recyclate
PackSys Global AG

The need for circular economy solutions for plastic packaging requires the packaging industry to take an active role in ensuring circularity starting from design, following the entire life cycle. The PrintCYC project group, which includes PackSys Global, has achieved remarkable results regarding the recycling of printed plastic films and processing of recyclate.

Aptar Beauty + Home becomes first packaging supplier to pre-qualify its sustainable solutions in alignment with Credo’s sustainable packaging guidelines

Aptar Beauty + Home has taken a further step toward its sustainability goals by pre-qualifying 45+ products to ensure alignment with Credo’s Sustainable Packaging Guidelines. The current Credo-compliant product selection includes airless full packaging, dispensers, spray technology and the broadest range of dispensing closures available in at least 50%, but up to 100%, post-consumer recycled resin, in the North America market.

Acti Pack presents its new PET range "Revok"
Acti Pack
Acti Pack's latest range of PET bottles, "Revok" are cylindrical yet tapered for grip, ample space for labelling and decoration, and have a wide variety of available closures. Perfect for the Beauty, Personal Care, and even the Health market, these stylish bottles are 100% recyclable.
A clean and safe solution for formula protection
All beauty experts know that a successful product is the combination of a great formula and the right packaging. Airless packaging meets the challenge by combining all these possibilities in one pack, thanks to a dispensing system where the formula is never in contact with the air before application.
Just Wood! Along with Innovation & Sustainability
Virospack has created the first 100% natural wooden dropper cap in the beauty industry, which is fully organic, compostable, and recyclable. The cap is made of a single piece of wood, with no need for glue or plastic, making it an exciting new eco-friendly option.