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Classic Pump Heads for Condiments
UKPACK Packaging

UKPACK Packaging designs pumps, specifically to meet the needs of the food and beverage industry. Set your condiment station up for success using this Choice condiment pump kit with 0.5 oz and 1 oz; UKR30 plastic pump and 960ml to 1 gallon jug!

3 reasons to explore custom packaging today
Are you ready to make the switch to custom packaging? While we’ve talked before about the benefits of custom packaging at TricorBraun, in this post we want to discuss why today’s consumer and economic environment make right now the ideal time to take the plunge.
Greiner Packaging makes T-IML possible
Greiner Packaging
There are many ways to design or optimize packaging so that it is more sustainable – for instance, by making it readily recyclable, using less plastic, or making it from alternative materials. The latest highlight is the thermoformed IML cup.
Paccor to expand portfolio with fiber products

We at PACCOR, one of the leading international global players in the packaging industry, are systematically expanding our portfolio. As currently there are many developments in the legislation and material landscape for the packaging industry, we are open to new solutions with promising potential and offer a wide range of innovative and sustainable products.