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Greiner Packaging makes T-IML possible
Greiner Packaging

There are many ways to design or optimize packaging so that it is more sustainable – for instance, by making it readily recyclable, using less plastic, or making it from alternative materials. The latest highlight is the thermoformed IML cup.

Paccor to expand portfolio with fiber products

We at PACCOR, one of the leading international global players in the packaging industry, are systematically expanding our portfolio. As currently there are many developments in the legislation and material landscape for the packaging industry, we are open to new solutions with promising potential and offer a wide range of innovative and sustainable products.

Karlo Spoon from Cardbox Packaging recognized by WPO
Cardbox Packaging

In December 2021, World Packaging Organization announced the winners of WorldStar Global Packaging Awards 2022. Cardbox Packaging has been recognized with WorldStar Global Packaging Award in the Food category. It is already the second hit of Cardbox Packaging in the competition. The company has already impressed the jury with Cuckoo Ice Cream compostable cup in the same category last year.

SPI, Taiwanese thermoformer of PP food packaging, partners with Milliken to find a clear way forward

South Plastic Industry Co. Ltd., a leading Asian manufacturer of thermoformed plastic food packaging, has been striving for years to develop a clear, anti-fogging polypropylene (PP) lid for its microwaveable food packaging. The aim has been to replace oriented polystyrene (OPS) in this key application, but it wasn’t easy to find a way to get the highly recyclable PP to meet all the necessary performance requirements while also retaining the clarity and non-yellowing aesthetics that are vital to appealing to consumers on the grocery store shelves. Until now.

Making unimpeachable sustainability claims reassures customers and consumers
EcoTensil set out to ensure that it could legitimately make a range of claims around the product’s environmental sustainability criteria, including Single Use Plastics Directive (SUPD) compliance. EcoTensil founder and CEO Peggy Cross talks about the importance of making unimpeachable sustainability claims to reassure customers and consumers.
AR Packaging launches fully recyclable fibre tray for high barrier applications to reduce plastics
AR Packaging

In the quest for circular packaging solutions for more demanding applications, AR Packaging contributes by launching a fibre-based tray concept intended for modified atmosphere packaging of ready meals and other chilled foods. The fully recyclable TrayLite® solution provides an efficient and convenient alternative to full plastic barrier trays and reduces plastics by 85%.