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Machinery & Automation Packaging News

Introducing NEOsleeve

With our history of Aurum Packaging Systems Pvt Ltd, we've been providing shrink-sleeving systems globally for over two decades. We realised our customers would greatly benefit if we provided a sleeving system that was high speed, high precision, easy to operate, ergonomic, and affordable. NEOsleeve M is our completely redesigned shrink sleeve applicator for applying shrink sleeve labels on containers and bottles.

TurboFil Upgrades Fully Automatic Syringe Filling System
TurboFil Packaging Machines LLC, an equipment specialist dedicated solely to the design and development of liquid filling and assembly machines, has enhanced its recently introduced TipFil™ Syringe Filling & Assembly Machine, which automates the company’s popular TipFil™ syringe filling process. Equipped with an updated platform to achieve throughput speeds up to 80 syringes per minute, the next-level machine was supplied to a customer filling pest control product in 30ml syringes
Recyclable Stand-Up Pouches Concept

Menshen is breaking new ground working with partners SN Maschinenbau and SÜDPACK. With their innovative solutions for the in-house production of providing producers and fillers of pasty and liquid food products, such as fruit purées, smoothies and other liquids, with a sustainable and economical alternative to pre-made pouches. MENSHEN LoTUS™ technology offers a sustainable, economical alternative to premade pouches for manufacturers and fillers of thick and thin products, including fruit purees, smoothies, and non-food liquids

Benefits of Drawer Boxes in Packaging Boxes
We all know that there are many structures of packaging boxes. Generally, the ones we see more often are nothing more than top-and-ground cover boxes and clamshell boxes. Drawer box-making machine drawer boxes are widely used in packaging boxes and have diverse structures. They are not only highly practical but can also increase the added value of products through decoration.
Revolutionizing Packaging with Novapax's IBM Machine at Toly
Welcome to the future of packaging innovation at Toly! We are thrilled to share a groundbreaking development that will elevate our manufacturing capabilities to new heights. Toly has recently invested in the cutting-edge Novapax Injection Blow Moulding (IBM) machine, a game-changer in the world of plastic packaging production.
Features of Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum packaging is also called decompression packaging, which extracts all the air in the packaging container and seals it to maintain a high degree of pressure reduction in the bag. The scarcity of air is equivalent to the effect of low oxygen so microorganisms have no viable living conditions. Vacuum packaging applications include plastic bags, aluminum foil packaging, glassware, plastic and its composite packaging, etc.

FM-Plast "Green Production Line" has Grown

FM-Plast's "Green Production Line" has just expanded with the arrival of their fourth injection molding machine this year. The machine, an energy-efficient Arburg 470A Ultimate, was delivered and moved to its designated space by the FM-Plast team.

How to choose the best single-dose packaging machinery supplier?
Aranow, a leader in single-dose packaging solutions, offers you some guidelines to sort through the different packaging machinery manufacturers on the market. With this guide we recommend you to pay attention to these 5 points that will make the difference, and will help you in the difficult choice of choosing the ideal manufacturer.
Laundry compressing and packaging

he machines we produce are mainly known for the bag-in-box principle; automatically placing bags into boxes or crates. But we also support other packaging operations that can be done by machine, stand-alone or in line. The solutions that we develop can be used in various markets, such as the bakery, meat and fish industry, or the moulding industry. This time we were challenged to develop a machine for laundry packaging. Challenge accepted: Meet our EasyPress!

The Falsified Medicines Directive 2011/62 / EU of the European Union aims to counteract the problem of counterfeit products. The guideline contains two security features: The serialization is usually guaranteed by, for example, a 2D data matrix code and an individual serial number as well as the application of protection against tampering. The guideline gives manufacturers and contract packers a great deal of leeway with regard to the implementation of tamper protection. One direction is now specified by DIN EN 16679.
BOBST supports the need for speed without compromising quality at Produlith
The relationship between Produlith and BOBST goes back many years. When the time came yet again for the company to boost its capacity further, it decided to acquire a new folder-gluer and die-cutter at the same time – a sizable investment. True to form, what could have been a painstaking process was handled very quickly by BOBST.
Complete Packaging, All Under One Roof at Anomatic

Anomatic offers complete packaging services all under one roof, with its end-to-end process that allows your ideas to blossom from concept to store shelf in a timely fashion.  Rest assured you will receive full service and support at all of the steps toward your finalized package including Tooling and Design, Injection Molding, Assembly, Anodizing and Decoration.

Double bottle-to-bottle recycling capacity using erema technology
Resilux, a leading PET bottle and preform producer, has announced a major new technology investment which will result in them doubling their bottle-to-bottle PET recycling capacity. Using state of the art equipment from Erema, it is Resilux’s latest step in their drive to create a truly circular economy in PET.
Introducing Pioneer Automation Division
The Plastek Group

Pioneer Automation, located in Erie, Pennsylvania, is a division of The Plastek Group. The goal of this division is to support Plastek’s automation needs, not only throughout our U.S. locations, but also within Plastek’s international sites of operations (U.K., MX, BR.) As we know, automation technology is always advancing, and is the future… but how did things get started at PAD?