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Contract Manufacturing Packaging News

Ormaie Paris and Pujolasos Craft Eco-Chic Elegance
Ormaie Paris partnered with Pujolasos to create eco-friendly, vibrant wooden caps for their perfumes, blending luxury with sustainability. This collaboration strengthened Ormaie Paris's position as a leader in the modern luxury fragrance market.
The Role of Foamer Pump Solutions in the Evolution of Packaging for Liquid Soaps and Cleansers

In the dynamic world of liquid soaps and cleansers, packaging innovation is not just about aesthetics but also functionality. A significant advancement in this area has been the development of foamer pump solutions. These pumps dispense soap in a rich, creamy foam, reducing the need for water and the amount of product used per wash. As environmental concerns and user convenience drive changes in packaging, foamer pumps are becoming increasingly popular in both household and commercial settings.

TekniPlex Healthcare Acquires Seisa Medical

TekniPlex Healthcare, which utilizes advanced materials science expertise to help deliver better patient outcomes, has completed its acquisition of Seisa Medical in a deal that significantly extends TekniPlex Healthcare’s medical technology solutions platform. This acquisition specifically enhances the company’s materials science and process technologies for minimally invasive and interventional therapy devices on a global scale.

James Cropper Closes the Loop on Cupcycling Technology
James Cropper, pioneer of the world’s first technology to upcycle used coffee cups, can now recycle both the waste plastic as well as the paper from each disposable cup. The news comes as James Cropper bolsters its own sustainable credentials by reducing the amount of packing material used by the business.
BlueSky's New Website Goes Live
BlueSky is happy to announce the launch of its new website, blueskysolutionsuk.com, following a successful rebrand in 2022. As part of the rebrand, BlueSky has seen major investments into facilities, expanding its manufacturing capabilities, as well as a sleek new website.  The site features a new striking layout with improved user-friendly navigation. You can find BlueSky’s latest products and innovations, whether you are searching by product type, product material or even by market sector.
Accelerating Prototyping and Design Testing With Micro 3D Printing
Tessy Plastics

Tessy was able to produce multiple prototypes for their customer using high precision micro 3D printing with their microArch S240. They tested the prototypes using optical and CT scanning quality metrics to verify that the parts printed at the expected tolerances. The surprise benefit of the BMF printer was the accuracy and the material strength combined.

Baralan Introduces Sustainable Versions of Their Standard Packaging

Baralan is expanding its sustainable packaging options to include the use of ecological materials. Covering a broad range of standard products usually produced in plastic, the expanded component options significantly increase Baralan’s sustainability-minded packaging portfolio for the beauty and personal care market.